Hello to you all,

I have been giving some thought to using the aeromaster as a UAV, has anyone built the kit, know how much room is in the fuse or know of any good reason not to use this airframe?





My thinking is along the lines that this plane should stay up for a long time while under little power with all the kit on board. Your thoughts are welcome.





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Thanks Johann, It does look like a good flyer, however I would like to know if anyone has fitted an auto pilot in one and had a good experience with this kit, its not cheap!






Hi Johann,


The MP Vision is a tractor not a pusher prop, but that aside looks very much like it, and yours for only 9.5k!

the plane is excellent


uwe gartmann uses it.

Thank you both for the links, the detail in the photos of the build from flightronic is great, a lot of food for thought there, now if I can just convince my wife......................





all of the above :)

Hey martin.


i finished that plane I was making.. . a day before I had to leave it and come back to uni . .. .so it hasn't had a maiden nor will it have one until easter -.-'


and the aeromaster looks pretty sweet, certainly looks efficient enough and all that.

Hi Hamish,


If you have got the weather we have, would not matter if you were home or not! I have just had a look at your blog, missed it when posted the update, looks like she is ready for the big day! I hope the conditions get better soon its hard sitting inside willing the weather to change.


The Aero looks very interesting, I think a mod or two would make this a real winner, the only hold up is the price!

Now if you are looking for another build project………….. ;)




Speaking of permission from the wife... 4 years ago (before I found this site) I sat down with my wife when I turned 50 and said I was getting a UAV and my intended budget was $ 20k.  (Micropilot)

I said this was cheaper than getting a corvette and blonde girl friend as a mid-life crisis. (she didn't see the humour in that at all)


Well, we are still together thanks to DIYDrones!


I think I've spent about $ 4k with about 2k to go, but the ArduPilot definitely saved my marriage.

Heh, well actually I am but certainly not getting such a costly model !!  Still, something similar would be nice

if ardupilot ever goes commercial, I'm sure that phrase will go on their advert :D


"ArduPilot definitely saved my marriage."

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