Anyone want a free APM 2.5?


today after installing my external compass/gps I decided to test my copter out and i armed it and it took off full throttle with my cord still connected, it decided to break my usb connection on the board! 

now i have no way to connect and program anything into the apm as my telemetry wont work anymore either! (also i have no reason as to why it wont work anymore either)

I have the worst luck in the world im starting to think....

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  • Yeah im happy to sell it for cheap and hopefully one of you guys can fix it up and make it useful, 

    im happy to sell it for say $40 + shipping?

  • I would be thrilled to buy this board from you and attempt a repair.  Free is too little. :)

    I'm looking for an APM for my rover project, and would be willing to risk some reliability/debug for cost.

    Let me know.

    (I'm in San Diego, and can try to repair for you if you're nearby.)

  • A shame you are not near South Carolina, I might take a stab at repairing it and helping you with some success.

    Sorry to hear that you are thinking the Open Source Deities are against you.


  • Yes Please.
    I need few components of it., like magnetometer.
    Will papal you shopping costs+, please pm me.
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