I set up my first  Arducopter APM 2.5 last week and had it flying in 6 flight modes by the next day.

i put it on a 550 hex that i built a week ago with a kk2 controller on it.

 My only experience with multirotors was a quad i build a couple of months ago with a KK2 controller.  

I was very apprehensive about getting the apm 2.5 because all of the discussion online about how it is difficult to set up and tune.

GPS choices, flight modes, Misson planner, CLI, PIDs, Arduino, power regulators, power modules, IMU, radio telemetry, it was all freaking me out, but i finally decided to order one after weeks of thinking about it.

I was shocked the first time i powered up my 550 hex with apm 2.5 it flew great without any tuning.

I followed the tuning guide and dialed the p and d rates in to perfection using my channel 6.

The guides on getting 6 modes out of my futaba 7c were very helpful, i made a video of my own and posted it.

I also made a video of my 550 flying in 6 flight modes.  I did this on the second day after sticking it on my 550 hex frame.

i will put them at the end of this post.

My point is that if there are guys out there that are holding back like i was because i was intimidated by the complexity of the apm 2.5, only because it can do so much, Dont Hold back.

A lot of the blogs out there say to get a Naza because it is so simple to set up and use.  

I almost went for the NAZA but i am glad i didn't   you will definitely learn a lot setting up the apm 2.5 for multirotors but there is tons of information on diy drones and across the web to get you through.


6 modes in flight video on youtube

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  • Can u please put a screen shot of the PID settings? I m doing the same thing over here... Hexa with APM.... really need it...
    Thanks in advance.
  • Ditto on the raves for the APM.  I also was hesitant to upgrade from KK2 and CC3D but no longer.  My H-Quad flies perfectly with the default tuning.

  • Hi brilliant video,love it.

    Itoo am a massive fan of the apm board after using kk's, naza,fyetech and more but this is the best have built a few now and all have flown out the box so to speak.

    And the best thing is the price !!!.

    And now for the wizard in mission planner.


    I wondered whether you would share some of the important pid settings for your copter ?

    All the best Mat

  • That looks great!!

    Can you make a video (or point me to a link) showing these 6 modes in Mission Planner? I'd love to see you flipping through switches and how they respond on the screen in the software. This is the only video I've been able to find that comes close but doesn't focus enough on it (I'm still confused):
    Thank you for any help!
  • Have you hade any luck with doing flips in arco mode. If so what settings do i need to change to get it to flip or loop. I love my apm 2.5 But I just cant get it to do a flip.

  • I agree I had been using a 450 quad as a learning system for eventually building a heavy lift hexa. I started using a KK2 and got it flying well but never really dialed in. I installed the APM 2.5 v2.9.1, UBox GPS with power module and bam! on first flight rock solid. I had read EVERYTHING in the manual so I pre set my rate  for a high power quad as mine has Turnigy 3536 1250 KV motors turning 10 x 6 Zingers (LOVE THE ZINGERS). I even flew it this weekend in 30 mph winds and it was rock solid. I initially did the flying tuning on a windless day but want to move on to the channel 6 tuning method to get it perfected. 

    I've also done loiter, altitude hold, circle, RTL acro and basic 4 waypoint mission all worked great. This next week I'll be installing the telemetry and FPV system. 

    My only complaint...I'd like to be able to change the circle speed from the default. And Also I'd like to see a much more comprehensive manual for all the features of the Mission Planner. 

    NOTE: To those who are new to RC flying I had been away from flying for over 20 years but was a very capable pilot back in the day. My confidence in flying the quad came quickly as my flying skills came back quickly. Those of you inexperienced at flying should, in my opinion, start with a simple airplane to get use to being "Ahead" of the aircraft. 

  • You are so right about all the toughts before bying the APM :-) But also about the joy og seeing it fly. It took me 8 days of fiddling around with the Missionplanner and DIY Drones. It felt like planning a mission to the moon! Okay, I just want to understand what I'm dealing with before flight.

    But now that I understand what it is all about, I can't wait to explore all the possibilities :-)

    APM is joy to our world!

  • T3
    Great video. Thanks for sharing. Can you explain in detail how you made the video? What software did you use to the video within the video?
    Thanks Again.
  • Thank you for sharing your experience and progress.  Good info.

  • great!

    IF APM 2.5 will be more userfriendly to tune,it will be the best plateform..i think 2013 will be a great year for ardu code.i cross my finger

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