Hi Folks,

I have searched this forum but still can't find the easiest way to control the APM 2.5+ via Ethernet / Internet.

I just want to be able to update its waypoints via a router / ethernet solution.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good how to guide?

Or at least some converter board that will get the job done.



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I want to do the same thing. I simply want to be able to connect to my APM via tcp/ip through an ethernet connection. Is this possible?

I was considering using an ethernet to serial converter as listed here


Is this the only solution?

Hmmm, I just found this too,


And this, http://en.usr.cn/RS232-serial-to-ethernet-converter-tcp-ip-module

Ive used a Xbee footprint wifi module, setup as an adhoc network. Was good.

Hacked apart my old virgin media, netgear router, put a patch antenna on it facing up, setup the module to auto connect to the SSID with WPA2. Worked very well indeed. Got better range on the infrastructure network compared to adhoc.

so you use this device on the apm and are able to connect to it from a pc on the network running mission planner? Does it use software on the pc that creates a type of virtual com port that is tunneled over the network?


No. This is plugged into APM as you would do XBee. It puts the serial data stream onto a TCP or UDP port on the devices IP address (which you can set to static).

In mission planner, next to connect, rather than  selecting a COM port you select TCP (or UDP depending on how you set it up), enter the IP address of the module and the port (both of which you can choose), and hey presto!

Thanks for the info

I suppose that will work as I can just connect the wifi module to the wifi router that then transmits the signal back to base over a long range wifi backhaul connection.

I would prefer to have a Ethernet connection to avoid any signal interference is there a module that will do the exact same thing as the wifi module but with Ethernet instead???

Thanks for your help!


I'm sure there is however I've nev

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