APM 2.5 dead on arrival?


in summer I was running an APM 2.5 quite successfully. Unfortunately one day I hit the ground with 100 mph, and the only surviving part was the damn motor :-|

I just bought a new APM, but it seems I am still out of luck: after successfully flashing the firmware, I cannot connect the Mission Planner ("Connect failed" during parameter loading). I launched the terminal from Mission Planner and tried severel test commands. Most of them are working as expected, except the IMU test. If I start this test, it says "Init Gyro" and seems to hang. There is one more strange thing: if I remember correctly, the old APM was blinking the ABC leds during startup/leveling. The new one isn't doing this anymore. The only LED activity is a steady alive LED and the GPS led ('C') turning from blinking to steady after some time.

Any ideas how to fix?



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  • The APM with the Init Gyro problem was not involved in any crashes - it was brand new. I returned it a week ago, waiting for replacement now.
  • Well my 2.0 unit was only involved in a very minor scuffle from 10ft up at only about 15kph and was completely untouched, I sent a query to 3drobotics only to get the following back:

    Thank you for contacting 3D Robotics Technical Support. Unfortunately the gyro initialization hanging may indicate that the gyros are no longer functioning and this may be why you are no longer able to connect to the APM board. It is not common for the the gyros to stop working; was the APM involved in a crash or did it receive any damage in between when it was working and when it stopped working?

    I have to say that response drew a little bit of "No Sh!@ Shirlock!!" from me...I know it isn't working, what are you going to do about it?

    That was 3 weeks ago, and it seems that as per usual Waiting and Waiting for a response...

  • We have a board with similar symptoms.

    Ours stops at Init Gyro and the blue light on the board flashes 6 times.

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  • I had the same problem with my APM 2.5 and, after contacting with 3DR support, I have to go for an RMA. I would suggest you to contact directly with them.

    An interesting question is of there is some manufacturing issues with the boards, it does not seem so normal to me that Gyros get damaged so easily. Or it is so?

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