Hi, I've got a jDrones APM 2.5(not 2.5.x). I had the regulator fail, and had gotten it replaced. After that the board works fine. I've used it on the HobbyKing Talon tricopter frame and now I've got it setup on the HobbyKing X650 frame. I setup everything on it, no errors, 3.3V regulator is fine but when I'm connecting to the terminal it's showing No dataflash inserted. But it's not showing anything else like compass init error or anything. I noticed this when I tried to enable dataflash logging on the X650. 

While the APM was powered, I could change the log bitmask and it would stay the same even after disconnecting-connecting form Mission Planner. However, once I cycle power, The log bitmask goes to disabled. No other settings are affected.

Now, while I had it on my tricopter, during an AutoTune, the servo tail mechanism failed and while it was spiralling on its way down, it flipped on crashing. No damage was done, however, nothing broken. I was wondering if this had anyhting to do with it. 

After that I got it setup on my X650 quad and made a couple of flights. I also ran AutoTune, which ran perfectly and saved the new values as well.

Then, when it was still showing No Dataflash Inserted, I erased the EEPROM, did a factory reset, reisntalled AC 3.1.5, but still it's showing the error.  

What could be wrong?

What is the exact part number for the dataflash chip and can it be replaced?

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  • I have the same issue. But, when I measured I2C power, it is 4.8 Volts. I suspected the regulator was burned. But when I measured the regulator voltage directly It was 3.3V. What is wrong?

  • I have the same issue!!  3.3V regulator is fine . but still No Dataflash Inserted, i thank the issue is in the dataflash.

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