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Sfreegry replied to Dave Hicks's discussion APM 2.5+ No dataflash inserted
"I'm getting the same error on my APM 2.5 (not 2.5.x). 3.3V regulator is fine. Baro and compass tests run fine in the CLI. I tried what you suggested, squeezing the chip. That didn't help. Any ideas what might be wrong? i have the sam issue as you!"
Nov 19, 2014
Sfreegry replied to Arunabha Bhattacharya's discussion APM 2.5 "No Dataflash Inserted" error, but 3.3V regulator is fine
"I have the same issue!!  3.3V regulator is fine . but still No Dataflash Inserted, i thank the issue is in the dataflash."
Nov 19, 2014