• Hi, is anybody who is able to make optical flow v1.0 working on APM 2 ? I tried to set NPD to 3Volts but nothing in opticalflow_test running on APM2. Failed to initialize.

    This unit is now obsolete, I cannot buy. But I have it and I would like to use.

    Any help?


    • Hi All,

      I just picked up the ADNS3080 form Ebay recently for $18. Just wondering if folks are still trying to get the ADNS3080 optical flow sensor working.  I have modified the test sketch and successfully ran it on an Arduino Uno and Mega but I do not have an APM board. If there is interest, I can upload the code.

  • can anyone please tell me about the complete setup and instruction manual needed for the optical flow sensor. I did all the required changes in the program but still its showing error. Friends please let me know about the changes in programs too. And I'm using APM2.5 with ArduCopter v3.1 and ADNS3010 sensor.
    Thanks in Advance.
  • Hi, 

    Did you end up getting it to work? I've had a similar problem, I'm using APM1.

    I get the message: Failed to initialise ADNS3080

    using the CLI and the python image viewer using the test sketch.

    Also i get this when typing 'c':

    sent 'c' to COM6
    Config: 0,0

    product id: 0 (hex)

    frame rate: 65535 (auto)

    resolution: 400

    shutter speed: 0 (auto)

    it doesn't let me change the frame rate or shutter speed or resolution.

    Also, when using the CLI it appears to have some sort of problem, as if its hitting enter a bunch of times after each command. for example, if i type 'm' it will say 'press any key to exit' and then it will exit straight away without pressing anything.also after pressing other commands such as 'i' it will repeat the list of commands a bunch of times (2-3 times) along with the line 'unrecognised command'.

    also when grabbing an image by typing 'i' i get (every time):

    image data --------------
    Optflow: failed to find first pixel

    the thing is, the first time i was trying to get this to work, i was getting a few images but hadn't tried the motion part of  it yet. I'm not sure whether itwas saying 'failed to initialize' back then. anyone know whats going on?

    I might add that because I have the APM1 i cant do what chris cooper said about data flash error. is there something equivelant that can be done there to perhaps get it to work? like how could you wipe the flash memory?

  • Did you do the setup as described in the Wiki?



  • Is the optical flow supported on the APM 2.5?

    On my APM2 I often get this error in conjunction with the dreaded data flash error. Reinserting and securing the flash card often makes it go away.

    Also make sure the optical flow sensor isn't in it's test mode (entered when you load the test sketch). I think you just need to disconnect an reconnect power.
  • Nobody get it to work?

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