Hi everyone;

 I harmed my ardupilots battery sensor(for ATTO pilot pin A1,A2) pins accedientally. I want to change these pin to use again my attopilot. I look for it in source files but I couldn't find a way. Does anyone who know how to do it? 


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I think you can change via mission planner, go to option > full parameter list
Here you can find "voltage pin" and "current pin" (or something similar)
Change the values as you want!

I tried to change pins from it's library. I can change air speed sensor pin easily with defining the pin but for battery monitoring there are default values which I cant find and cant change from any other places. In batt_monitoring.cpp you can see some defines but there is no option for non 3dr power module I couldnt find. 

Thanks for reply anyway

Mh, i think is more simple change it from MP i not know in source code, have you checked values in "full parameter list"

See picture, for example i have 3dr power module, and pin are set like picture

Letme know

Thank you very much Tottero.

Code changing cause initialization problem. May be I did something wrong. It is working now.

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