The problem that I had before is sorted. Although now I'm stuck again.

I've managed to manually calibrate the ESC's, although now this issue is that I can't arm the APM, the red light flashes, I push the throttle down and to the left, hold it there for over 4 seconds and nothing.
However, if I push the throttle up and to the right the red light turns solid, I've reversed the throttle on the TX but it still arms in the same way.
Once the red light stays solid and I move the throttle, nothing happens.

Thank you

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I've managed to get the APM to arm, but when I push the throttle up the motors aren't spinning... any suggestions?

Did you calibrate the ESCs and run the "Motors" command in the CLI/Setup menu to test them?

Yeah, I've successfully manually calibrated the ESCs and when I run the 'motors' command everything goes as it should, each motor spins in turn.

Make sure you're in stabilize mode when arming (not any auto mode). The Troubleshooting Guide is here

It's defiantly in stabilize mode, the motors operate fine when I do a manual calibration, but I can't do an automatic one. Once the manual calibrations done I arm the APM by pushing the throttle stick down and to the left an it arms just fine, but none of the motors work. I've ran through the troubleshooting guide over and over. 

Any ideas?

Down and to the left? It's supposed to be to the right. 

And when you say it arms, you mean the LEDs blink fast and then the arm one goes solid?

If you can't do an automatic ESC calibration, there may be something odd about your ESCs. Which ones are you using?

That's what I thought, but I read mixed things about it, but it arms when I move the throttle down and to the left. Yeah the LED blinks then it goes solid after holding the throttle in position for about 4 seconds. 

I'm using these ESC's,

Would there be any problem with these?

That means that your rudder channel is reversed. Reverse it at the TX side.  

Thats great, it now arms properly, but the motors still don't spin. I can't figure out why they wouldn't.

If you're not able to do the automatic ESC calibration, that suggests something's wrong. I'm thinking that your throttle channel was also reversed. Can you try again with it reversed at the TX side?

(When you reverse those channels, you've got to do your RC config in the MP again)

Cheers Chris, I'm managed to arm the APM now after the suggestions you made. Unfortunately, during its initial test flight ones of the props flew off and took out another prop. Only small setback for the time being, as it didn't lift more than an inch off the ground. I'll just have to order some more and make sure they're on much tighter next time.

Thanks for the help!

Glad to hear that we zeroed in on the problem! And if you have to learn the prop-nut lesson the hard way, it's best to do the way you did : an inch off the ground.

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