Hey Guys!

I'm completely new to quadcopters and I decided to built my own quad about a month ago, I chose to go with APM 2.6 because it seem just awesome what the possibilities are with it.

To this point I'm ready to start flying but I haven't been able to accomplish take off at all, I', completely lost and don't know what else to do, I've gone throughout the set up as recommended, but when doing a ESC calibration I don't get the beeps like the videos in youtube show but I do get the motors spending and responding to throttle on the last step of the calibration.

I'm able to arm and disarm but when trying to take off in stabilized mode it seems like the throttle won't generate enough juice to make the quad elevate, when I push the throttle stick side way (ROLL) it looks like all the juice is there and even wants to flip the quad.

here's a straight link to the video just in case it doesn't show embedded: my video

This is a video I uploaded to youtube of what the problem is:

I'm using:

DX8 transmitter 

F30A Fire Red Series SimonK-(RapidESC)

SunnySky X3108S KV900 brushless motors

HQ Props 9x5 Carbon Composite Props

APM 2.6 with GPS/Compass and Telemetry

AR6210 DSMX® 6-channel receiver

Flip FPV Pro G Frame

Another thing I notice is that "terminal" tab is not on my mission planner latest update.

PLEASE HELP! I've had this issue for a few weeks now and almost ready to give up!! I would really appreciate any help!



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  • How much does it weigh?

  • It does not appear to be your props or motor rotation or basic available power or ESC, because the quad is lifting one side at a time and the motors are putting out what sounds like close to full power on roll commands.

    Why is your radio commanding rolls via the throttle stick? Roll should be on the other stick, side-to-side on the throttle stick should command yaw, not roll.

    I suspect that either your receiver to APM wires are scrambled (plugged in incorrectly) or your radio callibration (in Mission Planner initial setup) is not correct, or possibly that you have some settings in your transmitter scrambled. Start with the wiring and then calibration, you can see on the calibration screen what's what.

    • Hey Oliver!

      Here's a video of my current radio settings in MP and dx8
    • Hi David! Props r on right, all the numbers are facing up :) thanks
    • Hi Oliver!

      Thanks... My wiring is correct based on the "connecting rc and motors" wiki; about the radio, apparently it seems to work in MP, I'll record a video and post when I get home, the guy who sold me the dx8 already had an flip fpv configure within its program, so I haven't mess around with the dx8 settings at all, I'm afraid I'll make it worse then what already is :(

      Thanks again!

      • Javier, you wrote: "...the guy who sold me the dx8 already had an flip fpv configure within its program"

        I'm 90% certain that therein lies your problem. Unless his and your Flips are identical in all regards, and he had all settings on that model on the DX8 exactly correct for and identical to the hardware and software on yours, there can be all sorts of trouble. For example I can tell you that you do NOT want to attempt to fly with the roll and throttle on the same stick, it will be a nightmare getting used to that completely non-standard configuration and you will crash almost instantly if you are not an experienced pilot.

        So: Bind the receiver to a "new model" on the DX8 (a blank airplane, not helicopter, model) and do a new radio calibration via MP. All the current settings you have in the radio will be retained under the old model name, you can go right back to them anytime by selecting that model on the DX8 and re-binding the receiver to it. The only settings you may need to change for the moment on the DX8 in the new model might be to reverse one or another channel. This is simple and there many places on line where you can learn to do this (and to bind Tx to Rx, if you don't know how). Don't worry about setting up any FPV stuff or camera controls for now, let's just get it flying. In fact, you should remove the camera and other gear so as to not risk damaging it at this stage.

        Now fire the Flip up, and with nice soft grass all around advance the throttle slowly to where the aircraft just lifts off. Set it right back down again. Repeat this numerous times, staying at the top of the little hops, two or three feet high, a bit longer each time, and trying to be as smooth as you can going up and down. When you have a little confidence with that, stay at the top for a moment and give the right stick just a tiny bit of a momentary nudge to the left or right. The quad should move in that direction. If it goes the other way, the aileron channel in the DX8 needs to be reversed.  Do the same with pitch (fore and aft) and finally, on the throttle stick, yaw. While doing all of this be ready to instantly chop the throttle when (not if) you get confused or the quad even hints at getting away from you. And at all times, stay well clear of the aircraft, at least 10 or fifteen feet, these things can bite you as quickly as a rattlesnake.

        This will give you a very basic start. From there, you can start to introduce theFPV gear and so on.

        • Hey Oliver...

          Well... I tried with out any luck, it seems to do the same even with the new model in the dx8... it really feels like my throttle stick it's backwards, when i go sideways it generates a lot of power and when i go up and down it seems like it generates enough power to rotate (yaw).

          On the new set up I calibrated the radio in MP and now I get the MAX and MIN red lines, and before they weren't there... now I'm starting to wonder if I got the wiring right... motors spin the right way tho, and I'm sure i have the props on right as well... what if I switch the wires from the receiver to the APM? can I switch "throttle" to "alerion" and "alerion" to "throttle"??

          Thanks for all the help!


        • Wow Oliver! You just got my hopes up! :)

          It makes a lot of since man!! I will do this as soon as I get home... I hope this works man I've been going crazy with this issue!

          Thanks I'll let u know what happens!!


          • I guess what Oliver says is true... haven't seen that config.... but...

            I managed to stop the video just near the end where the props are stopped and I'd swear they were upside down.

            The size numbering 9x5SP etc. should be stamped on the TOP of one of the blades near the hub.

            Upside down props have less than half the lift.

        • I agree totally with Oliver, it's exactly as I would and have done before. Also, what is your battery discharge rated at? 20C? There is also a setting in the mission planner for throttle mid, check that setting as well.

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