Looks like most of the posting here is quit old. But here go's.

When I try to Arm my Quad on Mission Planner, I get Check FS_THR_VALUSE

and GPS: No Fix.

Been searching for 2 days know. Can't find anything that helps.

I hope someone can help me with this arming problem.

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Your throttle failsafe is set too high, check your RC calibration. This is a prearm check. If you're trying to take off in a GPS assisted mode, then you will need a GPS fix for takeoff. If you're taking off in stabilize or another non-GPS mode, then the GPS fix won't be relevant.



Hi Mike

Thanks for responding.

Mod is Stabilize.

Tx on APM plugged in to computer. Looking at Initial Setup > failSafe. Radio 3 (THR) is 982, FS is 995

Tx off Radio 3 is 900, FS is 995

What do you think my settings should be if the Throttle cant go down lower then 982

Can not get a GPS Fix. I have a QRX350 it gets GPS Fix at the same lowcation.

Tx Throttle would not go any lower then 982. Had to increase the FS to get the minimum 10 difference.

Have been using the Arducopter site but stell dont get it.

I appreciate any help you can give.



If you go to the links I posted in my first reply, all of your questions will be answered. That is the official wiki for ArduCopter, and that should get you on the right track.

I have been using the ArduCoper website. Some things work for me and some just confuse me.

Are the #'s that I posted for Radio 3 and FS good ?

Thanks again


When your radio is ON, you want your minimum throttle value (Ch3) to be above the FS value. When the radio is OFF, you want the throttle (ch3) to drop below the FS value. Currently, your radio is set up so that when on, it is already below the FS value (995) compared to your minimum throttle (982). Simply set the failsafe value to ~970 and see what happens.

Thank you for the help. I will post the results.

Hi Mike

Still no Arming luck.

Mode: Stabilize

Here is my settings. Radio ON, Throttle value (Ch3) 982,  FS 915

Radio OFF, Throttle value (Ch3) 900,   FS 915

No GPS Fix,   No PreArm messages come up on Flight Data Screen.

I sure feal lost. Must be missing something.

Is there any info you need to determine what mite be going on ?

I finally got it to ARM.

Hey Dale, 

Would you mind posting a quick note with how you managed to fix it or what was wrong that was preventing the GPS from locking?

Would be great for others who might have the same problem (such as myself and others who might come after) 

Thanks. :)

Hey Ana Miarnau

I'm using Turnigy 9X Tr and Tx.

Got throttle failsafe to work with these #s Tx on 982, FS 915. Tx off 900, FS 915.

Had to Disable Fence to get motor arm. Steel no gps lock. Can't get help on what needs to be dun on the gps

lock. I wont fly until I get a gps lock. Some say to set the HDOP to 250 to get a gps lock.

I don't know what the HDOP is in Mission Planer, so have not tried it. 

Sorry I cant be more help.

Thank you very much, will try that then! 

What did you happen to do get it to work

I have tried to get mine to ar for last 3 weeks

Here is what I have tried

Quad is a Hobby people F450

Everything works on my quad copter up to the point where I go to arm it.  

Re installed firmware 3 times and done set up wizard 3 times.

I can get all 4 motors to spin in Mission planner under test motors

Verified my radio is working under mission planner(calibrated 3 time) and tested it on another plane.

Purchased and 2nd APM 2.6 that gives same results.

Tried 3 different power sources.  

Removed all add ons, sonar, video, etc and still will not arm.

any help will be greatly appreciated.


Never get any messages while plugged in and never even tried to spin moters.  I have tested a 4 mots and calibrated speed controls and

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