Im using exiftool to geotag directly from terminal cli GPX generated logs, but I'm having this error, question is, is the apm GPX able to be used in this tool?


exiftool -geotag "log.gpx" "C:\geotag\IMG_0051.jpg"

exiftool -geotag "log.gpx" "-geotime<${DateTimeOriginal}-03:00" *.jpg


Warning: Invalid track file 'log.gpx' in File:Geotag (ValueConvInv)

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Hi, there is a feature to directly geo-tag images from the APM mission planner. I am not sure how it works but there was a recent post about this on DIYDRONES. 

Another thing to look at when using exiftool is that gpx file needs to be formatted exactly correct. I've had trouble with the timestamp entry the most. Here is a quick snippet of code that will generate a correct gpx file for reference. 


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