APM:Please 2.75 has now been released.

Have a look at the release notes in the forum for lots of details on the changes in this release.

I'd also ask that you not reply to this posting, but instead use the new APM forums for discussion of the release. We'd like to use the 2.75 release as a trial of the new forums for release discussions, in the hope that it will provide a better way to host the discussions.

Cheers, Tridge

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I'll put the thank you here and and future questions on the new thread.
THANK YOU!! So many of my requests were met in this release. I'm very grateful.

replies have now been unlocked in the forum posting, sorry for the confusion!


Is there any way to get 2 telemetry streams with this version? 

I could really use 2 telemetry streams at different baud rates.. one at 2400 and one at 57600... is there such possibility?


Hi Guy,

both UARTs are active in 2.75. So just add headers on UART2 (on the side of the board).

The only problem is that SERIAL3_BAUD will control the baudrate of both serial ports, because of the strange way the mux handling is done between USB and uartA. So just change the hal.uartC->begin() call to use 2400 and rebuild.

Cheers, Tridge


Thanks a lot for the direction.. but when i try to use the arduino IDE find it can't find such line ... where sould it be in the project?


Hi Guy,

It is currently line 122 in system.pde, like this:

    // we have a 2nd serial port for telemetry
    hal.uartC->begin(map_baudrate(g.serial3_baud, SERIAL3_BAUD),
                     128, SERIAL2_BUFSIZE);

change the SERIAL3_BAUD to 2400.

Cheers, Tridge

Thanks Paul. I've pushed this fix to master, and released 2.76beta1 with the fix.

Cheers, Tridge

It happened to me also!

It rised ratio to 4! :)

Other than this 2.75 is very good!

I will upload 2.76beta1 for next flight.

Thank you very much! :)


Hey Tridgell,

Where can I find the 2.76beta1 ?

Can you send the link please?


I just flew this 2.75 today and my Penguin is all messed up.. RTL used to be smooth, today it was hunting for the target altitude like mad.. it was set at 600.. it hunted wildly between 450 and 550, speeding up and down, in some crazy pattern.  location was ok but altitude was wild..  any ideas?  I didn't "re-tune" the plane at all so I didn't mess with any settings.. I was hoping the old stable settings would be fine..

What has happened?  I am sad...

Hi Mack,

Do you have a tlog of both a previous (good) flight and a bad flight with 2.75?

Cheers, Tridge

yes, sorry if I am posting in the wrong area.. I am so confused as to where the discussion forums are now..

here are my files.. I just updated to .76 so maybe if winds are ok I will try it tomorrow


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