Since v3.2.3 our Pixhawks are making a doh-re-me sound at rest, there are no warning messages and I can't find any info on what these tones mean? It is intermittent and irregular.

Attached is the sound

Any ideas?

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Hi Graham,

That sounds like your ESC complaining that it is receiving an out of range PWM value. When disarmed ardupilot will send RC3_MIN. Try adjusting RC3_MIN up a little and see if the beeping stops.

Cheers, Tridge

Thanks Tridge, the sound is definitely coming from the Pixhawk and not the ESC but I will up the RC3_MIN a bit and see if that helps

Tridge, raising RC3_MIN doesn't change or stop the tones

Anything further on this? I still can't find an explanation for these sounds coming from the Pixhawk although I'm fairly sure it's something to do with the RC radio signal.

I'm getting this same thing with 3.2.3. Seems to always happen when Pixhawk is moved. Will try to adjust the min PWM later just to be sure it's not coming from the ESC, but since Graham already did that..


The sounds of Pixhawk Link



It's not there Tom, you can listen to the sound in my post, not one of the sounds on the wiki page sounds like that. It is definitely not the ESC either, as it comes straight from the Pixhawk. No-one seems to know what that sound means? Hasn't seemed to affect flying though but it is a bit disconcerting without confirmation.

That seems to be the sound the Pixhawk makes when it's happy and "ready to fly." I get that same sound on my copter running 3.3 rc4.

Speaking of odd sounds, here's another one I can't figure out. Noticed this today and happened quite a few times during the flight:

With the same 3.2.3 firmware.

Its this tone:

    { "MFT200L4<G#6A#6B#4", false },
In ToneAlarm_PX4.cpp.

If you have a serial connection to your pixhawk and the "nsh>" prompt you can hear it by typing:

nsh> tone_alarm MFT200L4<G#6A#6B#4

The top of the tone_alarm source code explains what that complicated syntax means

Mike Knott is correct - it means all pre-arm checks have passed and your ready to arm.

You should not be getting it intermittently unless your doing something to trigger it.

Thanks, Grant

Hi Foxzilla.  Your tone I think (hard to tell from the video) is this one:

    { "MFT200L4<A#B#", false }

in ToneAlarm_PX4.cpp

You get that sound when RC contact is lost.

Thanks, Grant.

Hmm it could be that (I definitely lost RC signal a few times), although when I just tested this by turning my transmitter off, the Pixhawk first beeps a deeper tone and then a higher tone similar to the one on my video, but faster. Maybe the video somehow changes the tone..

Maybe these could be added to the wiki library to prevent confusion?

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