• Hey there! I am getting a do-re-mi sound as well and I don't know what it means (throttle is not coming on as planned as well, but my servos are working decently). I don't understand what all the code is about (is it c++?) but I can't seem to get my plane to arm. Did changing the RC3 settings help at all?

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      Throttle won't work until you arm the plane.  Arming is on by default.  Firstly you need to press the safety switch so it stops flashing.  Then you usually need to hold right rudder on your TX and you will see on the GCS that it will change from disarmed to armed.  Then your throttle should work.

      Thanks, Grant.

      • Right. In the video I posted above, you can see me pressing the switch on top of the aircraft (you can see that it is a solid color, not flashing...), and that allows me to move my servos and should also allow me to move my throttle. That is the say it worked on a previous version of the same airplane. So I held down the safety switch, and that produced the Do-re-mi sound that you hear in the video. I then move the sticks for the servos, and they all move. Only the throttle doesn't work.

        OK, so assuming that your directions are correct: After I press the safety button and "arm" the plane (still hearing the do-re-mi sound), I hold right rudder on my transmitter for a few seconds (1-10 seconds), and that will THEN allow me to throttle up and down. Is that correct?

        I am asking for clarification because I have never had to "hold right rudder on my transmitter" for the throttle to arm...

  • Speaking of odd sounds, here's another one I can't figure out. Noticed this today and happened quite a few times during the flight:

    With the same 3.2.3 firmware.

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      Hi Foxzilla.  Your tone I think (hard to tell from the video) is this one:

          { "MFT200L4<A#B#", false }

      in ToneAlarm_PX4.cpp

      You get that sound when RC contact is lost.

      Thanks, Grant.

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        Thanks Grant, much appreciated. Now we know.

      • Hmm it could be that (I definitely lost RC signal a few times), although when I just tested this by turning my transmitter off, the Pixhawk first beeps a deeper tone and then a higher tone similar to the one on my video, but faster. Maybe the video somehow changes the tone..

        Maybe these could be added to the wiki library to prevent confusion?

  • That seems to be the sound the Pixhawk makes when it's happy and "ready to fly." I get that same sound on my copter running 3.3 rc4.

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