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 I now offer a service to repair your APM for a $20 flat rate. If you send me your APM along with $20 and a self addressed return envelope with postage so I can return your APM to you if I can repair it or not. If I can't repair it I'll return $10 to you along with your APM.

Monroe King

995 CR 3040

Lampasas, Texas


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Can I just send you my entire quad for repair/tuning?

What can you repair? My USB port isn't making good connection, also my failsafe isn't working when I turn off my radio and I read this http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-ppm-encoder-apm2x-atmega32u... but can't seem to get it to go into DFU mode.

Um folks, look at the date of this post...

I don't think Monroe quit his day job.

Jason has a good question that is probably more a growth market -- turn key setup/repair.


Jason- Please message me details/pictures.  I may be able to work for you, depending on how familiar I am with your setup.  I have 2+ years working with Arducopter in a National Science Foundation funded university lab, and my boss can vouch for me.

HK APM2.5 won't connect to mission planner via USB or Telem.

Have you dealt and repaired similar issue on a 2.5 board before?

The OP is from most of a year ago, doubt the guy is still doing this.

Has the board connected before?  Has it been in a crash?  Do you have any other boards which do connect?

PM'ing now.

I went the route of trying to do it all myself.  Ordered a frame, Motors, SC'S, BEC, APM, GPS,  MinimOSD, Fatshark system, Orange RX, batteries, and telemetry radio.  I have all of the physical parts, but no clue what right looks like so I can't even begin to start troubleshooting.  I have everything mocked up the way that I think it should be, but I have errors everywhere.  My minimOSD is waiting for heartbeats, I have bad magnetometer health, and I think that I'm sending 5V to everything that is supposed to get 3.3V.

 I'm sure that I'm not the first or only person in this situation.  

I have a Horizon Hobby blade 350QX that had an issue.  I sent it off to HorizonHobby, they told me this issue, told me the price for parts and labor, fixed it, then sent it back to me. I wish there was something out there for our do-it-yourself APM world.

I have a buddy at work that is also into multirotors... He went the DJI Naza prebuilt route.  I dont regret going the APM route, but I do regret not getting something pre-built.  It's one thing to fix something when it's broken... It's an entirely different thing to fix something when you have no clue what it's supposed to look like or how it's supposed to operate when repaired.  The forums, wiki's and youtube are great, but they are no match for a live working product in front of you.

Monroe is still around and has many projects he is involved with -- this repair service is not one of them that I know of.

The posts I see here are common and have been repeated numerous times over the years I have been with this group. Now with the 'clones' showing up, at much cheaper prices, another surge of 'bad board' posts keeps popping up.

I have +35 years working on electronics and electronic systems (look at details in my profile) and getting my APM quads in the air was not particularly easy or simple.

I do see a potential market for repairs/setup for these machines but, what would people pay for it?

Hobbyists either spend huge $$ on a project or totally cheap out.

Jason's post shows how a large company can distribute the cost of manufacturing problems over a large market. They will even, through a local hobby shop, absorb some of the cost of an owner's mistakes -- sometimes. When you build it on your kitchen table, you eat all the cost in money and time.

As the 'network' of flyers grows, you will have a better chance to find someone local that you can meet up with and get assistance -- probably for free or the cost of a lunch.

If anyone is in the upstate of South Carolina, I would be happy to help.


Well shoot... was hoping to get mine fixed too...

I smoked my 2.5 last year and also the GPS. Could you fix them both for $40? 

Do you repair MiniAPM FC?


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