APM2 boot problems continue. DOA?

Hi all

Still having problems with my APM2. Will not boot with SD card in place (even when you do a manual reset after power applied). I just updated the firmware to 2.5.4. Please look at video:



It is either the SD card itself or the card slot. When it does boot with the card pulled back 1 mm and I go to retrieve the logs it indicates no SD card found.

The board works great without the SD card and I have now logged 10 flights but am unable to review any logs.

Any ideas on what I can try?

Is my card DOA?

 Just purchased from our Canadian distributor.


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  • I had this problem with APM2 dataflash,  fail to boot or no data flash detected. wiggleing card could get it to work but not for long.

    The Card slot is not making good contact with the card fingers.  I put a small piece of electrical tape on  the top of the flash card and eased it into the slot  to give more pressure on the contacts  and have not had any more problems




  • Yesterday everything was Fine, today the APM2 does Not initialize with Card, without it does, but i can't fly it, it Flips to One side. What can i so ?
  • My APM2's say there's no card inserted any time - no matter it I goot it with , insert later, remove and reinsert etc.

    firmware 2.5.4

  • "Same problem", - my APM2 says

    "no dataflash inserted" 

  • Same problem here just received my APM2 today and I am unable to initialize with the sdcard in the card slot. Everything works beautifully with no sdcard plugged in. 2.5.4 firmware

  • I got exactly the same issue since today. could someone please advise?

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