• I have same problem "no data flash inserted" and my 3.3V regulator is good.  My APM is a V2.5.2.

    Any link for how to replace the flash data?



    • Hi Jim,

      Did you find a solution?

      I have the same issue, "no data flash inserted" and 3.3V regulator looks good  APM is a V2.5.2.



  • Hi! i have the same problem with a brand new arducopter that i ordered with ardupilot 2.7 Has anybody solve it?

  • Hello there. I have the same problem with my APM 2.0. I did both ways to start my dataflash card but it didn't work. I put some extra thicknes backward of the card but it didn't work. I also powered the board without dataflash card then re-power after put it back but it didn't work either. What can I do? 



  • This is a common problem with APM2.0 and the 'extra thickness' tape is one solution.

    I burnished the card contacts (not the onboard connector) with an eraser, lightly, to resolve my 'lost flash' issue.

    APM2.5 has a better/improved flash card socket.


  • My APM works ok but it does not log anything and gives an error in the terminal mode. I don’t use logs so it’s no big deal for me. I get all my information from TM.

  • I found the flash card  did not  make good contact with the socket.  This caused  no data flash inserted  errors and failure to boot errors.

    I placed a small piece of electrical tape on the back of the  card and eased it into the socket, the added thickness fixed the integrity with the contacts.


  • I have the same problem , triyng to download logs, what is wrong?? no anwers?

  • I have the same problem here, yet the SD is inside the sock...

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