APM2 - fails to detect/use Micro-SD "no dataflash inserted"

My APM2 says "no dataflash inserted" when in terminal.

does it need some sort of formatting or anything else to be recognized ?

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I have the same problem here, yet the SD is inside the sock...

I have the same problem , triyng to download logs, what is wrong?? no anwers?

remove your dataflash card. Power up the APM2.0. Let it set for a few seconds. Disconnect the APM2.0 from the power source. Insert the dataflash card. Power up the APM2.0. It will re-format the card and should work properly after a few minutes.

I found the flash card  did not  make good contact with the socket.  This caused  no data flash inserted  errors and failure to boot errors.

I placed a small piece of electrical tape on the back of the  card and eased it into the socket, the added thickness fixed the integrity with the contacts.


My APM works ok but it does not log anything and gives an error in the terminal mode. I don’t use logs so it’s no big deal for me. I get all my information from TM.

I know that you instructions sound very simple and straight forward, how ever I have tried 5+ times to reformat my SD card by simply connecting the APM 2.0 to my computer with the USB cable (to  power it) at let it stay for 5-10 minutes but there is nothing happening... is there a youtube video somewhere of someone reformatting his dataflash card? just so it is crystal clear what to do, because I find it strange that it should automatically formatt the dataflash card by simply connecting power to the board and wait :) should there for example nothing else be connected to the apm (such as servos and receiver) there must be some more magic than just power it up and wait :) or what? Thanks ;)

This is a common problem with APM2.0 and the 'extra thickness' tape is one solution.

I burnished the card contacts (not the onboard connector) with an eraser, lightly, to resolve my 'lost flash' issue.

APM2.5 has a better/improved flash card socket.


Hello there. I have the same problem with my APM 2.0. I did both ways to start my dataflash card but it didn't work. I put some extra thicknes backward of the card but it didn't work. I also powered the board without dataflash card then re-power after put it back but it didn't work either. What can I do? 



Hi! i have the same problem with a brand new arducopter that i ordered with ardupilot 2.7 Has anybody solve it?

I have same problem "no data flash inserted" and my 3.3V regulator is good.  My APM is a V2.5.2.

Any link for how to replace the flash data?



Hi Jim,

Did you find a solution?

I have the same issue, "no data flash inserted" and 3.3V regulator looks good  APM is a V2.5.2.



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