APM2 for just FBL stabilizer

Currently I have an APM2 on order.  What I would like to do is just have the APM2 be an FBL controller.  I have a direct drive tail (no servo) with a gyro.  I would have to test it later with the APM but to see if it works I just want it to be in stabilize mode all the time.  To do this should I just plug in the cyclic servos (1,2 and 3) and ail, elev, and pitch, and then set all the modes to stabilize?  I know my tail gyro works to a point, I just want to keep things simple first and build up from there.

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    Yes, it should work.  My FBL trex450 flies a-ok with just the APM2 + extrenal gyro and no other FBL controller.

    The thing is that it'll fly a little differently than the other FBL controllers out there in that FBL controllers are generally "rate controllers"...so when you release the sticks the heli stops rotating but basically maintains it's current attitude.  So say for example, it's leaning over at 10degrees and you release the sticks..with a regular FBL it'll maintain that 10degree lean.  With the APM2 when you release the sticks it'll return to a stable(ish) hover.  So, I think it's actually much easier to fly than with an FBL but .. you know..it's depends what you want I guess.  The APM2 has a lot more "smarts" in it than an FBL controller but of course it's not quite so ready-to-go-out-of-the-box like a professional FBL controller is.

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    First, we've got to see your servo-less tail.



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