hey did you guys hear the joke about the 3DRobotics APM2 repair paths? 

 oh wait there are none!

Beware folks don't fry your APM2... it is costly. Its not like APM1 where you can dice off the red board and keep the Oilpan alive. The purple board is evil. ;) 

If you are accident prone, stick to APM1 and buy a stash of red boards.

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i thought  about this before a ordered a replacement APM1.4 i,m thinking about a opamp for the ground i seen a reverse polarity and over volt protector on immersion rc but they where out of stock so i did'nt check it out . be nice to have an updated oilpan with the new sensors but mine seems to be alright on my plane as is

Why not just have someone here rework it?  I think there are several posts about replacing burnt diodes from power problems.  Plenty of people with SMT skills here.  At least donate the board to one of them (me) if you're going back to the old APM.

Can you repair the apm2.0 for me then?

Its alive, but dont take FW anymore.


Otherwise maybe I can. I'm in Switzerland.

An Unterageri resident myself :-)

Re: Repairing APM2...Given you can now get the APM via hobbyking and other stores for $75 (but not in 2012 when this thread started), is it worth the hassle of repair?

Hi, thanks for the reply, I'm from Belgium, do you think my apm2.0 can be fixed for a reasonable price or can I better buy a new one for the price of fixing my apm?

My APMv will no longer accept any sketches larger in size than an elaborate blink sketch.

I've read & tried everything about reloading the boot loader & I even used a B&K Precision device programmer.

The bootloader worked in all cases, but APM 2.0 will not run large files anymore.

The only reason it isn't in the garbage is that I don't like waste.

Mine is available for donation. I'll ship it snail mail free if the recipient promises to makes a $25 USD  donation to to Tridge  or Michael Oborne.


I might be able to repair this for you - I'm based in the UK.  Although obviously I'd charge for it - if its just a single component then 20 EUR plus postage (probably around 5EUR) and parts (diodes are less than 1EUR, voltage reg about 2EUR, if its the cpu then significantly more ~20EUR).  Parts priced at whatever farnell charge, and postage whatever the royal mail charge.  

But, with a new APM being some $70 from RCTimer, you might as well just buy a new one.



Hey Gareth, thanks for the reply, when I send the apm to you, can you make an estimate cost of repair first, so if it looks like its going to cost me more than 30 euro for the repair, you can send it back to me at the cost of the postage?



Yes I should be able to assess in ten minutes whether it's economical to repair although I might not be able to tell exact fault.

Perhaps if you tell me what you did to blow it up, how you power board and whether the board has any functionality e.g usb. Also is anything blackened?


This is what happens, I was playing around withe the minimOsd, all went well, then I grab the apm board with my fingers, the led(s) on the board all went a little brighter than normal and that was the end.

Maybe I was electrostatic loaded and discharged when touching the apm board, just a guessing.

Now I cant get a connection with MP, but it is recognized in the com list on MP.

The A,B,C led wont lit up, When plugged in via the usb port, the green led on the amp board lit up and the blue led from the gps also lid up blinking.

When trying to connect with the MP, the RX led blinks, the TX led do nothing.

Hope this helps, if you have more questions just shoot.


Hmm, strange - doesn't sound like an easy fault to diagnose.  Possibly it shorted with something on your desk or similar, or as you say electrostatic damage.  My advice would be as follows:

1) Reflash the PPM encoder


2) Then try to redownload your firmware to the atmega2560 using mission planner.

If you cant do either of these, try a different computer - it might be a driver problem.

If still no, then I suspect its probably not going to be economical to repair, because the fault will be a bit of a pain to track down and is probably going to require one or both of the processors to be replaced.



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