Arducopter 2.0.43

I pushed 2.0.43 to Git.

What's new - Simple mode is dead. It's now an option per switch position. There is an APVar bitmask called simple_modes or "SIMPLE". Setting any bits 0 - 5 to 1 will cause that switch position to access simple mode. You can also do this with radio channel 7 if you compile for it. 
Until the mission planner is updated, you can use the CLI by using the rudder as an on/off swicth in setup::modes. It's very easy.
There are now two battery values to set, input_voltage ("IN_VOLT"), and low_voltage("LOW_VOLT"). These are for folks editing battery information.
Circle mode is now tested and running well. It's very cool, but requires dialed in Loiter PIs.
Guided mode is not tested but should work just fine.
Lot's of other minor tweaks and code cleanup.

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  • I see that MK are using a 3 deg. incline on thrust angle to tighten up yaw response

    Clockwise and anti. lean against each other.  



    I had a great time today with auto mode using .43 and mission planner version .73.

    It was a little windy at higher altitude.

    The copter performed well.


  • Hey Jason,

    today I was outside playing with my Quadcopter.


    At the end of the day the copter flew great, but there was one thing that bothered me.


    -> There is no answer from the copter when entering "armed" mode.


    Couldn't the from engine twitch a bit every 2-5 seconds when armed? a safety precausion?

  • Jason how much higher Kv? Less pitch on the props. also? 

  • AUTO testing

    I´ve been testing AUTO mode in 2.0.42 (hope than similar to 43)

    I must say that, in general, it worked very well. The goal path is a simple "TakeOFF- go - return - land":


    A video showing is in:

    Some things I´ve learned:

    1) If you start with "TAKEOFF" command, it will start from current location, independently of where WP#1 is (ignored that position); then goes to WP#2. This is similar effect to "landing" (ignores the WP position where LANDING is declared).

    2) to really start the path, the thottle must be about at 50%. If you leave it close to down (after started the mission) the copter stay at position and flies in circles (at deffault altitude) until you move the throttle to middle. I can supply video showing that.

    3) Takeoff and Landing is done very well.

    4) Default travel speed between WP is adecuate.

    5) I´ve repeated same path 10+ times and NOT allways does the same, but in most of cases, yes (see last images). I don´t have yet identified why. TAKE ALWAYS the simple mode ready to recover it in case of need. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.


    Some succesful tries:


    This flight shows a long LOITER just before start (see comment 2; Throttle almost fully down). Once I´ve put in the middle, the path started.


    Some not fully- succesfull (green is OK; red and yelow return path is done but not by the straight line)


    ...but when it works, it´s so a beautifull thing that it really worths.



    (Madrid, Spain)

    This second flight shows
  • I've tried, in 2.0.43. I use a 1000kv motor, loiter still shifted (qc not return to the starting position after the slide) and rtl also does not work good. how the PID settings for this 1000kv motor?


  • I think the real problem here is that we are dealing with many type of radios. This is a project aimed to cover as many users as possible.

    It has to deal with low-end 6ch radios to high-end 14ch ones.

    The best option would be to let user choose how many spare channel they have and let them choose what to put on every channel.

    In my 6ch radio I would love to have STAB-LOITER-RTL on one switch and ALT_HOLD on another.

    If I had a 7ch radio I would add the Simple mode, or the AUTO mode.

    Assuming somebody has a 6 (or 5) position switch on one channel is a little too much (does it even exists?).

    You still have to use mixes and/or program your other switches to interact with that, bu you don't have the flexibility to mix the functions.

    As requested by many, ALT_HOLD should be an option for the STAB-LOITER-SIMPLE and why not even the RTL mode. 

    I would love to switch LOITER on, rise my copter up in the sky keeping the position and once happy with altitude, just switch on ALT_hold. Take a nice pano, and come down. 

    I think flexibility should be the key term, not complexity.


    BTW, just as an inspirational video : I love the dynamic position hold and the vario altitude feature! Some of the other features we already have :)

    Hope to offend nobody, this is just a viedo I like to watch to get inspiration for this project.



  • Why so complicated:


    Just add some more flight options:


    Just add 2DGPS, 3DGPS/LOITER (2d+alt-hold), Stabile, 3DStable, and so on.....


    Then people can pick the modes they like and need the way they want to. If you start mixing two or three channels together there will be difficulties for people using different transmitter then commonly used.

  • Developer


    Why not going deeper ?


    Actually CH5 is used for mode selection, and this gives six different modes. Rising the positions number is possible, but would be less reliable because of smaller space between PWM values.

    Using a second channel (CH7 or 8) could be done, this would give 36 positions, or a bit more than 5 bits of informations.

    The general philosophy is to have two base modes :

    - ACRO

    A set of 4 options :

    - 2D GPS
    - ALT HOLD

    And 4 special modes :

    - Auto
    - RTL
    - Recovery
    - Destruction (User Mode or Reserved)

    So that we can use every combination we need.

    I did create this mapping, keeping compatibility with actual modes and trying to keep maximum reliability (more dangerous modes use PWM high values) :



  • Developer



    If I am understanding this post correctly, you have essentially broken SIMPLE mode out into its own switch so that you can run SIMPLE and STABILIZE simultaneously? Is that correct? What is the advantage of this?





This reply was deleted.


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