Ardupilot 2.1 is out and can be downloaded by the mission planner (or with Git). You must have the latest version of MP to be compatible. If you're compiling with Arduino, you must use the "mrelax" version of Arduino that is in our downloads section. This is because Arduino was never tested with code larger than 128K. And since our code is probably the most complex Arduino project ever, we found the issue. This altered version of Arduino allows you to specify a special compiler flag that makes it work again. Otherwise it's functionally identical to version 22. When we transition to 1.0 of Arduino, you won't need to use a modified version, since they have patched it for us.


This version has a few new features, but is mostly a bug fixes and compatibility with APM2.  The nav routines have been updated and well tested. I'm getting very reliable results now. 

One new feature that I snuck in was SuperSimple mode, which re-calibrates simple mode when you are flying with GPS > 20m from home. It allows you to fly in any direction in Simple outside of this radius. Check the wiki for more info.

Added Auto_land mode to help with Failsafe implementations.


Here's a video I took flying WPs using CH 7 to toggle record them. I flew back and forth over the park to se how straight a line I could maintain and how repeatable it was, then I recorded a few waypoints to the left and right, then I recorded a landing wp by toggling CH7 when the copter was on the ground. The landing could be improved, it was trying to maintain a location and didn't level out in the last meter to the ground as it should. I was missing the screw holding my Arm in place so it folded in just a bit, no real damage done. BTW, this video is W/O a sonar.


The next video is of the Loiter control. I improved loiter a bit with a bug fix and the stability patch from the stabilization. Wind was mild. Could be tuned just a little higher.



Here's a video from Dec 17 showing WP recording. The radio was on the ground the entire video. The 3DR frame did not have a sonar on it. The landing was recorded as well.



Tridge wrote a Geo - fence routine to restrict flight within a certain area for Arduplane. We'll port that over to AC. You'll be able to fly acro inside a safe area and have it go into AP if you loose control!

We need one more pass to finalize the Optical flow integration.

Finalization of the Z Accel code.


Have fun and fly safe,







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Hi Jason, I just tooked a look on the changes. The code is cleaner, cool! 

I will make a test on the afternoon if it doesn't rain. 

I'm still using my modded log.pde file (using the old style but with the data values according to mission planner). I can't understand why the logs are corrupt with the new log system. I will try to look a little further but I'm happy with old system (what was the problem that needed a change?). 

Keep you informed about my test flight tonight.

Have a great day.

Nice, will give it a try:) 

for me position can go an i would like the auto_landing instead.

Auto landing for sure

What is meant with "position" mode ?  Is it loiter ?  

"Position" - it's like loiter, but with manual throttle control

First position, then auto landing please...


If ALT Hold have some oscillate, What i should adjust throttle_hold P or I ???

I will test it about afternoon in Bangkok(Thailand).

Thank you,


Oscillations could be from throttle_hold P being too high. I would start there. 

To isolate, setting throttle_hold_I to 0 would help.


On my system the log it doesn't work... Jason,please when you fix the internal log?

I noticed maybe one mistake in Navigation.pde Line 67:

    int x_iterm = g.pi_loiter_lon.get_i(x_error, dTnav);
    int y_iterm = g.pi_loiter_lon.get_i(y_error, dTnav);

should probably be :

    int x_iterm = g.pi_loiter_lon.get_i(x_error, dTnav);
    int y_iterm = g.pi_loiter_lat.get_i(y_error, dTnav);

Always the final, always the final...  An artist never feels finished.  

How does this fit in with the seemingly much-more-than-incremental changes to control/performance brought to show by recent posts on ESC warez upgrades?  That dude's video showed an atducopter behaving better than any other e-pet I've seen EVER in the open source scene   I

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