Arducopter 2 Loiter


 Hello setup my APM on my quad in x mode loaded the latest from the Mission Planner went through setup in CLI and test flight was good a little wobble so Lowerd stabalize P to 5.0 and raised D to .14 left I at default and second flight very stable decided to try loiter. Had a little up and down but baro is not covered with foam yet but pretty decent. But wonders around alot. If I up the P for loiter on Lat and Lan will this help it keep a tighter box?


Running the latest code from Mission Planner I have not seen any yaw issues at all it is rock solid.

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  • hey guys, not sure if this is normal or the right place to post this, however i am noticing, in the AC2 sensor area that, roll is 0, pitch just a tad left of -10 and Yaw is over around 50 - should they all be center at 0 ? i have loaded the new firmware 2.023 and setup perfectly with sonar attached and working.



  • hey guys, i had my first maiden flight this morning. loaded the latest code from mission planner. this is my very first flight with this copter so was exciting as you would expect! the quad is the premade one from jdrones with 880kv motors and 12inch props, have sonar attached, gps and flying in + mode - also using a 2650 3s batt. as the heading suggest, my too was just floating around constantly turning/yaw, and i had to couter act this with the stick.

    dumb question, but how do i test if sonar is working?

    i will try and post a vid up to show what it does. i havent really done anything fancy with the radio everything is at 0 value and stock - i have the turnigy 9x v2.
  • Could some of these problems be due to radio inaccuracies? On my 12fg the centres are at about 1496 except elevator is putting out 1515. My turnigy is different between stock and er9x, but at least er9x has stick calibration. However, swapping the turnigy from 2.4Ghz to LRS module also changes the centre points.


    Maybe we should use subtrim to set centre to 1500 in cli for the four primary channels.

    Another solution could be for the code to capture the centre points during setup.


    For anyone seeing different behavior in different modes, don't forget that most radios default to remembering different trim settings for each position of the flight mode switch. Could be a trap for beginners.

  • So Can some please confirm I am doing this right in the code,

    As it dosnt seem to be working well.


    Ok for a 6 channel TX,

    from control_Modes.

    if (g.rc_6.control_in > 800){     // is this correct???for 6th channel radio

    if (g.rc_7.control_in > 800){     //is this correct ??? for 7 channel radio


    and uncoment this line



    And on the sensors page ,when selecting the 6th channel ,all the green bars light up,Is that what is considered High?


    Any help would be great.


  • superb! Love the auto trim future. Get my hexa solid stable now. But having problem with sonar alt_hold. Put an object below my sonar and it just go straits up
  • I understand keeping some features disabled during Beta or for the purpose of "protecting" an entry level flier.  But maybe having a "advanced" Tab in the Configurator with check boxes to turn on less understood options.  This way the project can advance and be tested without causing confusion for casual fliers.


    With coders abilities to offer advanced tools like inflight accl calibration, it would be nice to have these available in some way in the config.


    I offer my thanks for the work being done and making this an enjoyable hobby!!!



  • Is there any way to do this with a six channel TX .

    As I have the same problem>

    The quad moves forward ,even after calibrating.


    So with a six channel TX can I re -calibrate the Acc in the air,

    Or do I need a 7 Channel.


  •  I am alittle confused,

    Do the radio trims have to be centered ,before GPS works?

  • Developer

    I'm about to test some setting to prevent Loiter oscillations. Will report back in an hour.


  • 3D Robotics
    Advice from Jason:

    "If you have trouble holding Loiter, return Nav_Loiter_D to 0 using the planner.

    And here's something you can try to improve your waypoint travel: Filter the pitch amount in WP navigation.

    In navigation.pde:
    nav_lat = nav_lat + g.pid_nav_wp.get_pid(error, dTnav, 1.0);
    nav_lat >>= 1; // divide by two

    nav_lat = g.pid_nav_wp.get_pid(error, dTnav, 1.0);

    If you have WP navigation issues, you can just uncomment the unfiltered version.
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