ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!

ArduCopter 3.0.1 has been released and is now available in the Mission Planner,, GitHub and the new Downloads Area.

Warning #1: Compass calibration and reducing interference is far more important than with 2.9.1b

Warning #2: GPS glitches can cause sudden and aggressive position changes while in loiter mode.  You may wish to reduce the Loiter PID P to 0.5 (from 1.0) to reduce aggressiveness (see image below of where this gain can be found in mission planner).

Warning #3: optical flow is not supported but will be back in the next release (AC-3.0.2 or AC-3.1.0).

Warning #4: loiter turns does not maintain altitude.  This bug will be fixed in AC-3.0.2.

Warning #5: This release has only been lightly tested on Traditional Helicopters.

Improvements over 2.9.1b include:

  • Inertial Navigation for Loiter and Auto meaning much more accurate control (Randy,Leonard,JonathanC)
  • 3D navigation controller follows straight lines in all dimensions between waypoints (Leonard,Randy)

         WPNAV_SPEED, WPNAV_SPEED_UP, WPNAV_SPEED_DN, WPNAV_ACCEL allows configuring speeds and acceleration during missions

  • "compassmot" to compensate for interference on compass from the pdb, motors, ESCs and battery.  (Randy,JonathanC) (Set-up video here)
  • Safety improvements:
    • simple Tin Can shaped Geo Fence
    • pre-arm checks to ensure all calibration has been performed before arming (can be disabled by setting ARMING_CHECK to zero).  (video description here)
    • GPS failsafe - switches to LAND if GPS is lost for 5 seconds
    • stability patch improvements to stop rapid climbs in very overpowered or overtuned copters
  • Circle mode improvements including "panorama" when CIRCLE_RADIUS set to zero (Randy,Leonard)
  • SONAR_GAIN parameter added to allow better tuning of sonar surface tracking
  • CH8 auxiliary switch (same features as CH7)
  • works on PX4 (some minor features still not available) (Tridge,PatH)

How to upgrade:

1. Make sure you are using Mission Planner 1.2.59 or newer (get it here)

2. Click on the MissionPlanner's Hardware, Install Firmware screen.  The version numbers should appear as "ArduCopter-3.0.1", then click the appropriate frame icon and it should upgrade as per usual.

3. Reduce the Loiter and Alt Hold PIDs if you have modified them from the defaults.  The modified PID values for the 3DR frame can be seen in the image below.

Note: Nav parameters have been combined with Loiter so do not be concerned if you can't find them.


4. Although not directly related to this release, if you purchased an APM prior to March of 2013, update your PPM encoder to the latest firmware (instructions here).

5. Try out the new version in stabilize mode first, then alt-hold, then loiter and finally RTL and Auto.

Numerous How-To videos are available:

Special Thanks to MarcoDaveC and the large number of testers on the pre-release thread who put their copters at risk during the extended testing period.  Some of their videos can be found hereherehereherehere and here.  Thanks also to MichaelO for the MP changes required for this release.

All feedback welcome.  Please put your questions, comments (good and bad!) below.

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  • Hi Randy,

    I just uploaded AC 3.1 but having a hard time arming it. I don't know? I just did all the calibratation all over again, from live compass calibration to compassmot.

    I notice that because this is not an issue in AC 3.0.1.



  • Randy 

          I have recommend about motors always spin when armed in 3.1 for release version. I think it should no have spin when on stabilize and acro mode only. Because,If somebody have bad landing or crash i think maybe motor is not stop and it have prop damage or more than when it's crush on the ground.

    This's my idea. 

    ฺำBest Regard



  • Hi all,

    Did any of you test the ROI feature with firmware 3.1 rc1 and the latest version of Mission Planner with success?

    How do you set a ROI in MP? In previous versions of MP a symbol representing the ROI appeared on the map. In the latest version only an empty waypoint is added to the mission waypoint list. No symbol is placed on the map.
    Any suggestions?

    Best regards,

    Jan Willem
    The Netherlands
  • Hi Lads 

    Here is my APM2.5 install Tarot Hexa 810 .. with 4114 320kv motors and 15 inch props:

    I have put my external Mag just above the APM and the external GPS you see resting on one boom will go on a stick ..I have a noodle bowel I have painted to cover all electronics and will be attached to the Velcro strips around the center plate ..I am just waiting for the final release of 3:1 firmware then this baby will be loaded and flown.. all my other machines are still with 3:01 are doing well, I have had no more issues to speak of yet ..thanks guys  

    Sorry about the camera phone photos ;o)3692830207?profile=original3692829996?profile=original3692830125?profile=original

  • Hi Guys .. I just wanted to share my settings for 5 flight modes on a JR XG11..  I think it could be added to the wiki ?

    Set F/Mode Names to 1) STABI 2) ALTHD 3) GPS (Loiter) 4) AUTO 5) RTL

    Set F/Mode switch to GEAR and Extra switch to AUX2

    Set MIX 1 as  AUX2 to GEAR  +: + 95%  and -: +125%

    Set Gear travel to +75% - 35%

    Set Aux2 travel to +35% -150%

    This will give the one switch you set to (GEAR) i.e F.MODE Switch ..

    In the normal position is 1) STABI.... first click... 2) ALTHD ....2nd click.... 3) GPS ( loiter)

    Leaving the Gear switch in 3) GPS .. the OTHER switch you set to be the extra F?mode switch would be: First click 4) AUTO..... 2nd click.... 5) RTL

    If you left the GEAR switch in Normal Position i.e 1) STABI  the Other switch would give you normal position STABI ....first click = ALTHD .....and 2nd click = GPS ( loiter) 

    The great thing about this is the flight mode name shows up on the radio screen :o)

    I hope this helps some people, I really struggled to get this working ..

    If anyone has any improvements please add 

    Cheers Reuben

  • Ok, found a couple of things that are a little interesting....

    Uploaded beta firmware, flies awesome! (TBS type frame)

    i added a buzzer and moved a few things around, wouldn't arm. redid compass cal. numbers went from really low to over 600+!!! (fails compas pre arm check, great idea, thanks guys!!))

    After thinking the APM had developed an issue, I tried another one, same problem..... So unplugged the buzzer, no change,. physically removed the buzzer, all back to normal...! 

    Instead of painting the inside of the case to stop sunlight getting to the sensor, I approached it a little different. I have a raised platform that the APM sits on. Now it sits underneath this platform and inverted. Adjusted orientation for roll 180 and all good! Gives a good spot for the gps antenna to sit on too! I made the platform from some scap PCB I had laying around... Looks a lot cleaner too!!



  • Tested firmware 3.1 RC1 on my quadcopter today.
    After performing live compass calibration I tested the following:

    - Arming and disarming in Loiter mode --> works perfect.
    - TakeOff and Landing in Loiter mode --> works perfect.
    - Flying around in Loiter mode --> works perfect, just like 3.01.
    - Motors spinning when armed --> only three of my motors spin when
    armed. I use SimonK flashed ESC's. Same problem as Marco I guess.
    - Tested several missions, differing in complexity --> all executed as
    - Used circle mode / loiter turns in a mission --> works perfect, quad keeps altitude.
    - Tried to use DO_SET_ROI in a mission --> couldn't find the DO_SET_ROI
    command in the drop down list. SET Roi only adds an empty waypoint to the
    list, but no symbol on the map. Seems to be a omission in Mission Planner.

    Best regards,

    Jan Willem

    The Netherlands
  • Randy where can I get the ZIP file for V3.1-rc1?

    I need to manually compile my code for my APM1 relay leds to work... Thanks,

  • Developer

    For those willing to put their copters at risk (beta testers!) to help us test the next release (AC3.1) we've just pushed the 1st release (AC3.1-rc1) into the beta downloads area.  The changes are not as fundamental as the last release but include the following improvements over 3.0.1
    1) Support for Pixhawks board
    2) Arm, Disarm, Land and Takeoff in Loiter and AltHold
    3) Improved Acro
        a) ACRO_RP_P, ACRO_YAW_P parameters added to control speed of rotation
        b) ACRO_BAL_ROLL, ACRO_BAL_PITCH controls speed at which copter returns to level
        c) ACRO_TRAINER can be set to 0:disable trainer, 1:auto leveling when sticks released, 2:auto leveling and lean angle limited to ANGLE_MAX
        d) Ch7 & Ch8 switch to set ACRO_TRAINER options in-flight
    4) SPORT mode - equivalent of earth frame Acro with support for simple mode
    5) Sonar ground tracking improvements and bug fixes that reduce reaction to bad sonar data
    6) Safety improvements
        a) motors always spin when armed (speed can be controlled with MOT_SPIN_ARMED, set to 0 to disable)
        b) vehicle's maximum lean angle can be reduced (or increased) with the ANGLE_MAX parameter
        c) arming check that GPS hdop is > 2.0 (disable by setting GPS_HDOP parameter to 900)
        d) slow take-off in AUTO, LOITER, ALTHOLD to reduce chance of motor/esc burn-out on large copters
    7) Bug fixes:
        a) Optical flow sensor initialisation fix
        b) altitude control fix for Loiter_turns mission command (i.e. mission version of CIRCLE mode)
        c) DO_SET_ROI fix (do not use "ROI")
    8) Distribute Loiter & Navigation calcs over 4 cycles to reduce impact on a single 100hz loop.  This may resolve some APM1 users alt hold issues.

    The easiest way to get it is through the mission planner's "Beta firmwares" link.  After clicking the link you should see the version change to include "V3.1-rc1" and then you can select the appropriate frame type.  It's been flown by people on the dev team but it's the first release candidate so there are

    3692828307?profile=originalBy the way, there will still be a few more changes to go into AC3.1 before it's officially released including GPS glitch avoidance (assuming we can get it working).

    Thanks in advance.  Feel free to report issues on this thread.

  • Hey folks, cheers and thanks again for the great work.

    my apm 2.0 running copter 3.0.1 has just crashed from stabilize from not more than 1.5 meters height!

    the quad was hovering stable and than it suddenly performed down-head turn then power was cut.

    Let's take a look together.

    Thanks again, E.D.

    2013-09-13 12-54 46.log

    2013-09-13 12-54 46.kmz

    2013-09-13 12-54 46.log.gpx

This reply was deleted.


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