I'm starting this discussion since there's a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge about PID settings and control theory, so, you can find here a table with several different frames, multycopter types and firmware versions in order to let you start flying and tuning your copter. Be aware that this are not rigid values. Each person has it's own configuration and flying preferences, but, if you have an identical configuration, you may start using those values and tune them for yourself. If you'd like to share your configuration, specs and settings, as well as flying tests, weather conditions and videos, I'll try to keep it up to date.


 Ok, I have inserted a googledocs file, never worked with this before :) It looks easy, here's the link



flying configurations-29-01-2012.xlsx

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  • Hello, I'm Steve and I have a quad copter with arducopter. My quad copter has propellers of 7" and my motors are from "hobby king" (ST 2004 Donkey. With all these my quad copter has problems with PID's and I'm a little bit fool, I don't know what I have to do.
    Please help me.
  • well for the most part no. if i did it was only about 2-3 ft and then it went crazy and flipped over.


    im going to try it again here in a bit. ereased everything and loaded 2.7.1. re cailbrated everything. changed a couple of settings. ive wondered about adding padding or something but it flew good when i first started doing this.

    here is the list.

    08 07 2012.param

  • Here is my new post with my hexacopter woes...


    Thanks again guys,


  • Well after some serious trial and error I'm really back at square one now...I will start another post for my issues, but after reverting to my previous board with known working settings I'm actually experiencing some of the same symptoms. Weird drift, VERY unstable throttle response, and basically an uncontrollable helicopter. Please see my newly started thread and comment if you have any suggestions.



  • So I just tried Rui's settings for my hex...they seem to be much more stable, but I still don't feel "locked in". The yaw is still out of control and it still randomly drifts in all directions. I'm a little worried that the open source card is above my pay grade! Moreover - I feel dumb because I was able to get a cheap 30 dollar board from China fly on rails, but I can't get this sophisticated high quality board to do what it's intended to do!

    Settings as follows:


    Angular Rate - P .110, I .015, D .001, IMAX 5.0

    Dampening - Dampen .009, Dynamic .700

    Stabilize Control - P 3.000, I .000, IMAX 40.000

    Yaw Angular Rate Control - P .130, I .000, D .000, IMAX 50.000

    Yaw Stabilize Control - P 6.500, I .000, IMAX 12.0

    Haven't switched to any other mode yet so I'll spare you the settings...



  • Okay gang, I'm completely lost and frustrated at this point...

    I've been flying my F550 hexa with 2830 750kv motors, 10x4.7 props, 4s 5000mAh, 30A ESC with a Hobbyking control board with MUCH success. Stable, dialed in, etc. I upgraded to what I anticipated to be a far superior board, but the thing is all over the place! It doesn't seem that Yaw is very accurate, it randomly drifts backward forward and L to R. Altitude is really touchy & I haven't even started to try and use the more advanced features like "loiter" and "RTL" with GPS enabled. I am primarily using the hexacopter for AP and need to get this thing dialed in ASAP for some projects. Any help? I am really excited to get this board rockin' because I know it's going to be a huge improvement to my arsenal!



  • Rui,

    Are you going to give edit rights to the folks that are contributing numbers?  We're still not getting any v2.6 entries.

    The Loiter settings don't have a LON and LAT in the table. I'm assuming its because you always set these values to be identical (i.e. Loiter_Lat_P and Loiter_Lon_P should be set to the same value and are referred in your spreadsheet as Loiter_P).

  • Lets BUMP this thread!  Please do not let it die.

    I'm a bit surprised at the lack of PID information in the Google doc file.. but that's ok.. we're on the bleeding edge.  I've seen videos with amazing results; I wish they would post their settings in the doc. 

    I've got a Next Level 650 high-power quad with Cobra motors.  I'm struggling with Alt Hold right now.  Stabilize was great at default settings to my surprise.

    On to tuning...

  • Hi Rui, 

    Any news on updated standard PIDs for the standard 3DR quad? There have been several releases since the last param file was posted in the wiki back in February?



  • Hi folks! Thanks for starting this kind of thread. I am starting a build of a Scarab YSiix (standard configuration - 775k motors, 10amp ESC, 2650mah 4S) and I am planning on using the APM2 as the flight control system. Any suggestions for starting setup?





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