arducopter flight modes using mission planner ?

  Hi All,  i am new to this forum, and new to proper quads and hexs, so apologies if this isnt in the right place.

i have two questions that i hope some of you may be able to answer

1) i have read two opposite reports regarding guided mode, do i have to set a flight mode for "GUIDED" or not ?

2) i have also selected simple mode for channel 7,  but how do i know in advance of trying it which way my switch is orientated ?   as it doesnt report it "ON"  that i can see ,  as i like all my switches set to up and away for normal stabilised flight,   i just thought simple mode might be handy for flying a long way a way if i were to become disorientated ?

as an aside question if the mag x axis is 225 offset, i have heard that many say this is a long way off, so how do i go about making it better ?  the other two axis are pretty close .

many thanks for answers

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  • Guided is used with Mission Planner. It's a map based Click & Go type mode. I've never used a switch to activate but I'd think your copter will just hold the position it's in when you flick the switch waiting on a command from the ground station.
    If you use the Click & Go feature (Guided) then it will automatically switch to Guided mode. Usually Guided is entered from Loiter or can interrupt a waypoint mission.
  • T3
    Not sure about guided mode, check the wiki. Most people use the other flight modes in this order stabilize, altitude hold, loiter and then auto. You should master them in that order.
    Figuring out radio channels is basically low signal at about 1000 and high signal at about 1900, the low is off the high is on. With my Spektrum radio if I push the switch away for me it's off and when I pull it to me it's high or on.
    With regards to magnetic interface, you need to run compassmot test and if you have numbers over 30, you need to move your compass away from power systems.
    Read the wiki, it's actually really good stuff and worth a couple reads. Also come back to the wiki regular, since info keeps changing.
    Good luck, have fun and fly safe.
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