Hi all! After some pid tuning, but require further adjustment, today i made the first real flight with my "heavy ArduXOcto", i open this thread for sharing my experience if someone else wants build a similar  "heavy configuration" using ArduPiloltMega 2560, IMU, GPS and Baro, etc.
I have previously tested more expensive systems like Mikrokopter and Wookong, and unfortunately i think there is still much hard work over the code for make this electronic flight like the competition, but considering the price i would say  that goes too well.
I'm still quite satisfied, even though my copter in some aggressive maneuvers tend to wobble a lot, and in the Loiter mode some circles is inevitable because I believe that the management of the accelerometers correction is not optimized or inactive.
Over the baro range i've a good altitude precision, max 20/30 cm of excursion.
This is my hardware configuration:

- APM 2560
- Mediatek MT3329 GPS V1.6
- XL-MaxSonar MB1200 (with active filter and "thermal mods", 4 x 10 ohm resistor around the case)
- ESC HiModel Pro 30A, in high timing mode
- Two switching BEC 6V 5A (connected to electronics through two diodes 3A, the tension output is 5.33V)
- Motor TigerMotors MT2814 710 kv (mounted with 3° inclination for increase YAV control)
- Props APC 13x6.5 "E" (X8)
- Two-Way telemetry "Mikrokopter Wi232" (890 MHz)
- Six led strip connected to APM (pins AN8<->AN13 through ULN2003), thanks to u4eake for the code
- Homebuilt frame, mixed aluminum / vetronite (by AleBS, thanks dude! :P) + homebuilt hood
- Lipo 4s2p 5000 mhA 40c
- TX Futaba T12FG
- RX Futaba R6008HS

Total weight (with 2 lipo pack): 4.3 Kg...i forgot something or not? :-)

I'm uploading the video on my youtube channel, post them soon, for now I leave you some pictures.
I enclose
the parameters used for the flight test in a soft wind, but there's one error, the real "Rate Pitch I" is set to "0".




One of the first flight:

New video with "X8" frame and "ArduCopter V2.4"

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Wich ESCs did you use with MK and DJI ?

Did you check the voltage you have on the APM chips ?

The AVR max VCC is 5.5V. At 16 Mhz, the safe operating voltage range is 4.5V to 5.5V at this frequency.

Hi Oliver! Sorry, i've commited a little error in the configuration, i use two normal diodes that have an insertion loss of 0.7V, so the tension to the APM and the other electronic is 5.33V, tested with a good multimeter.
With Wookong i use HobbyWing FlyFun 30A, with MK the original BL2, i've another octo DWorks with all MK electronic, but in this one soon I'll try the afroi2c converter with all the MK tower, this esc can support pwm at 500 Hz.

Here the link of the video, and the related tlog in attachments:



Very nice !  Looks really stable.  Too bad the loiter still makes circles.

Glad you like my led code ;-)

Very nice, could you tell me how to make the cap?

It's really nice! Thanks Bro!!! :-)

Loiter now is ok, i upload another video after some fine pid tuning...

Is a big plastic ball, taken from an old garden lamp... :P

please disregard below post! I forgot to read!

dude! how on earth did you make that hood?????

New video after some pid tuning for increase precision in Loiter:


That's really good!



Now, what were you using for altitude again?  Sonar?  Baro?  What are you doing for filtering, etc?

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