Hi all! After some pid tuning, but require further adjustment, today i made the first real flight with my "heavy ArduXOcto", i open this thread for sharing my experience if someone else wants build a similar  "heavy configuration" using ArduPiloltMega 2560, IMU, GPS and Baro, etc.
I have previously tested more expensive systems like Mikrokopter and Wookong, and unfortunately i think there is still much hard work over the code for make this electronic flight like the competition, but considering the price i would say  that goes too well.
I'm still quite satisfied, even though my copter in some aggressive maneuvers tend to wobble a lot, and in the Loiter mode some circles is inevitable because I believe that the management of the accelerometers correction is not optimized or inactive.
Over the baro range i've a good altitude precision, max 20/30 cm of excursion.
This is my hardware configuration:

- APM 2560
- Mediatek MT3329 GPS V1.6
- XL-MaxSonar MB1200 (with active filter and "thermal mods", 4 x 10 ohm resistor around the case)
- ESC HiModel Pro 30A, in high timing mode
- Two switching BEC 6V 5A (connected to electronics through two diodes 3A, the tension output is 5.33V)
- Motor TigerMotors MT2814 710 kv (mounted with 3° inclination for increase YAV control)
- Props APC 13x6.5 "E" (X8)
- Two-Way telemetry "Mikrokopter Wi232" (890 MHz)
- Six led strip connected to APM (pins AN8<->AN13 through ULN2003), thanks to u4eake for the code
- Homebuilt frame, mixed aluminum / vetronite (by AleBS, thanks dude! :P) + homebuilt hood
- Lipo 4s2p 5000 mhA 40c
- TX Futaba T12FG
- RX Futaba R6008HS

Total weight (with 2 lipo pack): 4.3 Kg...i forgot something or not? :-)

I'm uploading the video on my youtube channel, post them soon, for now I leave you some pictures.
I enclose
the parameters used for the flight test in a soft wind, but there's one error, the real "Rate Pitch I" is set to "0".




One of the first flight:

New video with "X8" frame and "ArduCopter V2.4"

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Very nice achievement, how did you made the landing gear? 

I am very interrested;-)


Hi John, the frame and the landing gear are homemade, black vetronite 1.5 mm cutted with cnc machine.
The project / design is not available for all (at the moment), need some little fix, i'm sorry.


I just acquire a cnc;-)
I am currently mach3, so very interrested in your code if you want to sharebecause I am very novice ...


Very nice thread. I bought a jDrones hexa with 880 KV mtrs and 30 amp escs. First remote control outdoor vehicle of any kind for me. I am running a 4S 5000 mah bat and was wondering what voltage does your octa start dropping out of the sky(unloaded)? Mine seems to come down at around 14.2V (unloaded) and I thought it would do better. I am concerned that when I put a camera on it with associated bits and pieces, I will get pretty poor fight times.

I am also running 10X4.5 blades, I suppose for real lifting I should at least go 12". What are your thoughts?

Anyway I have read a lot in the last couple months, since I started thinking "this would be fun", and I really appreciate the time you have put into sharing you experiences.

Hi Marco.

Have you modified the code to run on X8-coax configuration?
or is it available in version 2.4?

Hi Marco,

Since your experience with multirotors I would like to know how the arducopter compares to DJI WK-M?
Are they on the same level? What the goods and bad points of each?


Excuse me if I answer only now, but version 2.5 is coming out and we are working diligently!

@Juan Carlos: no mods, X8 is full supported in 2.4 and of course in 2.5.
Follow the wiki for the connection and the right direction of the props.

@Velociraptor: level of reliability that today I would say ArduCopter is proving a very stable system, provided that they comply with the proper parameters of construction and assembly of the quad.
Up to version 2.3 I was not able to be able to say now after many tests and have never had a problem without "blocking" I would say that there is stability.
But you know, a system is reliable until it crashes, a friend a few days ago has disintegrated an octo with Mikrokopter by several thousand dollars.
Until now I always used MK for my video productions, but do not rule henceforth use ArduCopter for this.

@Piero: l'impostazione high del timing dovrebbe stressare meno i motori anche se perdono un pò di coppia, ed avevo letto da qualche parte che era l'impostazione consigliata per i TigerMotors (in effetti questi sono a tutti gli effetti dei TM) ma son felice che hai gli stessi esc e motori, mi auguro di poter scambiare opinioni riguardo a molte cose.
Farò prove anche con timing low e ti so dire.
Che configurazione hai? Octo? Hexa?
Il mio frame nasce da un progetto sviluppato da me e dal carissimo amico Alessandro Parisi (aka "AleBS")...

Bests, Marco

Thanks Marco!

I will stick with WK-M for now, but will keep an eye in the Arducopter. For what I have seen I believe it has the potential to overcome WK-M in nearby future. That would be great as it is open source and quite cheaper. 

amrco, I am trying to get my x8 up and running using APM 2.  I have wiring correct, but I think I am loading the wrong firmware maybe, I am not getting the right motor spinning when I run the motors test. 

Do I use Ardu coptor V2.5.3 octa X firmware?  I have all my motors setup as per wiki X8 counter rotating diagram, but when I run the motors test, it does not conform to the video in the motors test.

Motors are absolutely wired correctly, I disconnected and listened for esc beeps to test location, and they are correct, what am I doing wrong?  Instead of 1-6 4-7 3-8 2-5 like the video, mine is firing 1-3-8-4-2-6-7-5, I can't find any info on proper firmware setup for this config, any help would be appreciated...

Hi Ian, do you upload the firmware to your APM2 using Arduino or the Planner?

Thought I could and did do it throught the planner, since there are wiki diagrams on APM2? Maybe thats what I am doing wrong?

Yes, is correct, but the X8 firmware is not available in the planner, you must use Arduino!

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