ArduCopter Mission Planner 1.0.68

Hi all

Am I the only one or is the Mission Planner interface now running really slow.

It seems to be working but the updates seem to be a couple of seconds apart making it sluggish moving around menus and trying to setup things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Guys/Gals

    A few versions of APM ago everything was sweet - what has happened to change things?

    I never had this problem before - what has caused this??

  • I have the same issue, the main front screen takes ages to fully load when switching back from another menu screen, I have an ATI mobility radeon 9700, it's old I know and don't think any new drivers have come out for it in a long time, but until a couple of releases ago I didn't have any problems.  

  • The general concensus is to update your video drivers but ive tried to on My Dell inspiron mini 10 netbook using the update function of hardware manager, plus the Dell website, and they seem to be the newest version.

    Hope you guys have better luck!
  • i have noticed also the same , updates , menus

    connection with the copter.

    everything really slow

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