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John L. replied to Andy Hornsey's discussion Possible Bug? Compass Calibration Failing on Mission Planned
"I have now got exactly the same problem - EXACTLY!
This is since I uploaded the latest MP and firmware."
Jul 12, 2014
John L. replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.1 released!
"Hi all
I know this question has probably been asked a million times, when upgrading to APM 3.1 etc. do you loose all your previous setup values, do you have to start from scratch to calibrate everything?
Maybe this can be mentioned in the 3.1…"
Dec 15, 2013
John L. replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"Hi Randy and Leonard - thanks to you both for your ongoing support and also to the rest of the dedicated developers who devote so much of their time to support when they could be out enjoying flying themselves.
Leonard - I finally got my altitude…"
Nov 24, 2013
John L. replied to Wolke's discussion Switching to alt Hold or loiter cut off my motors.
The same is happening to me - see my recent posting 'motors cutting out when testing'.
I have been upgrading firmware for years and have the latest MP 1.2.83 and am trying -r4.
I never had this problem with"stable" 3.0.1 firmware.
Maybe it is…"
Oct 19, 2013
John L. posted a discussion
HiI thought I would give -rc4 a go, but while testing, I noticed a 'problem' when switching into either Alt hold or loiter when the throttle is less than 50%.If I spin the motors up in stabilize mode then switch to either Alt hold or loiter, all 4…
Oct 18, 2013
John L. replied to John L.'s discussion ArduCopter Mission Planner 1.0.68
A few versions of APM ago everything was sweet - what has happened to change things?
I never had this problem before - what has caused this??"
Sep 17, 2011
John L. posted a discussion
Hi allAm I the only one or is the Mission Planner interface now running really slow.It seems to be working but the updates seem to be a couple of seconds apart making it sluggish moving around menus and trying to setup things.Any help would be…
Sep 16, 2011
John L. replied to Brandon's discussion Just had a good flight!
"Great to hear Brandon
I must admit, my flights are variable at this stage and am not quite sure why - occassional crash.
I try to keep up with the latest versions of software but have not quite got back to the stability I experienced when I was…"
Jun 26, 2011
John L. posted a discussion
My compass has East and West swapped which I suspect is because the AC2 code expects the compass to be component side down and soldered to the pins on the IMUI have noticed the AC2 code and CLI doesn't seem to allow you to set the orientation of the…
Jun 25, 2011
John L. replied to Erez Ben-Eshay's discussion Compass Issue ver 2.025
I noticed the same thing yesterday and have had a couple of resets to try to resolve it.
It seems to me that East and West have been swapped and the degree scale is running the wrong way.
I know I'm in the southern hemisphere but a compass is a…"
Jun 23, 2011
John L. replied to John L.'s discussion Propeller size 10" / 12"
"Thankyou to all who responded to my propeller question.
What a great forum and an incredibly absorbing project.
There are so many variables, you can never get bored."
Jun 22, 2011
John L. posted a discussion
 I did a dumb thing (not the first time)I hurriedly ordered some spare props and obviously didn't look at the size too well when ordering.Instead of 10" I must have ordered 12" because I now have 2 sets of them.What would be the down side of trying…
Jun 21, 2011
John L. replied to Christopher Cooper's discussion Prop savers on quads?
"Hi Christopher
I have had a few not so perfect flights also, so I resorted to helicopter trainers to save my props.
See attached photo - I also made fibreglass landing gear after breaking the originals.
 IMG_1482 (2).jpg"
Jun 16, 2011
John L. replied to Lee's discussion Wire type for extending ESC's
"I would highly recommend stranded wire.
It is more flexible, whereas solid wire will tend to fracture at a joint with vibration. "
Jun 5, 2011
John L. commented on Michael Oborne's blog post New! APM Planner 1.0
Downloaded this morning and started everything from new.
A great leap forward, very easy to use.
Well done to all involved"
Jun 5, 2011
John L. replied to Limebear (Rob)'s discussion Problems recalibrating ESCs, help please.
I too have this same problem
I have tried the recalibration probably 10 times, whenever I test it, the motors maintain high revs and the throttle does not have any control.
I have followed the instructions in the CLI setup to the letter but…"
May 21, 2011