It seems that quite a few people are using the Turnigy 9x Tx/Rx with their ArduCopters.

I have bought one for future extra channels.

I have searched the various forum topics and can't find where anyone has documented setting up one of these.

Beside not coming with a manual, when you do download a manual it is not easy reading.

In particular, it is not obvious how to assign any of the various switches to channels.

Has anyone written a 'how to' document or can point me to any previous forum entries which apply to setting up the 9x for use with an ArduCopter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I've set one up for a friend and it was fairly strait forward.

Did you get the mode 1 or mode 2? Is the throttle on the left or right?

You will probably also have to enable the channels above 4 and assign them to one of the switches. Just fire up the arducopter configurator and see how the axis move and reverse direction via the tx settings as necessary. Also make sure the switches are enabled for the flight mode selection.

Thanks arashi

It is a mode 2 - throttle left stick

The problem I have is how to assign switches to the channels - not obvious.

How do you enable the switches for the flight mode?

Great Radio!

You can PM me and I can walk you through it, I highly recommend a couple upgrades for that radio. (youll love it even more)


First is the Awesome Solderless! USB Programmer add on with Backlight for the Display $40


Next is Frsky 2.4g 8ch Tx Module with Two way telemetry Receiver $70bucks

Supporting Digital RSSI and AN1/AN2 inputs for voltages and rs232 input on receiver for more.


I've even added a LED display for that too :) $30


And firmware is fully programmable and any switch dial combo can be programmed in. I have mine setup for all 6 modes and Mux switch, RTL throttle failsafe, and RX failsafe. its sweet!

Assigning switches/knobs on CH5-8 is easy as shown in arashi's picture. Assigning mode switch for our ArduCopterMega use was a bit more painful.


After some trial and error I was able to set all mixers etc in a way that I can have 4 different "modes" sent out from radio. But I also wasted to channels for it. Maybe just having simple resistor under 3 way switch would be better.. We shall see..


Setup that I was able to come up with TGY9X is (Ch number might be wrong, need to check):

Ch7 in Trainer switch, to make all special in air level adjustments etc

Ch5 in 3 way switch + Throttle Hold switch. This way I can send PWM values of 0, 250, 450 from 3 Way and then 1000 from Throttle hold. Throttle hold always overrides 3 way switch

Ch6 in Front left knob to make camera adjustements, in Air PID adjustments etc depends on what function is activated on software.

Ch8 on Top left knob, this channel is wasted for mixers and needs always to be full or 3 way does not work fully.. (stupid software)


Right knob is not in use currently and after having time, I try to figure better way to create mixing tables for 3 way.


Currently my radio is now on same location than I do so cannot check proper values but I will post them later and also check that all Channel orders I mentioned earlier are correct (i'm sure they are 95% at least)


But yes manuals are not so good on this radio, radio it self is really great for the price of it... Just hard to get.


Next radio that I will get will get also upgraded open software firmware to it then things might get a lot better. It's an "Arduino" anyways..





Thankyou very much for the replies.

It is great to have access to a knowledge base - saves a lot of time and frustration.

Indeed new open source firmware is so much better. I've gotten all 6 modes on the three way switch using two others as modifiers. mux comes first, nothing happens unless this switch is pulled. next is the three way switch, and each position along with another two way switch gets me the 6 modes. software manual being the first as "demo servos" needs the mux engaged.

By the way, I didnt want to take a soldering iron to the main board, so I got this addon. Its a full solderless addon with a USB port for programming, it also comes along with a backlight upgrade for 40 USD.

Hi Darren
Thanks for the information on the DX9 remote. Unfortunately the progammer and interface etc. seem to be out of stock (-29) so it is in high demand. It would have been nice to have programmed particular switches for various functions but looks like I'll have to use the limited switch options inbuilt.
Again, thanks for you help.

John - Australia

I think the HobbyKing backlight is a good deal at 4.99 too.


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