What a great project this has turned out to be. It has been really satisfying just getting to this stage and I haven't even flown more than a couple of meters in testing.

I have completed most of the fine turning of the Quadcopter and have wired in a LV Maxsonar EZ4.

When running the CLI serial setup, there is an option 'o' for setting up the sonar PID and some other roll and pitch pids which are all set to 0's by default.

I have searched the forums looking for Sonar setup guides but have not found anything relevant.

Has anyone had any experience with setting these parameters or can point me in the right direction?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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these PIDs should have default values (not 0, if they are , initialize eeprom))

use them as starting poiunt, if it doesn't work well, tune them (like any other PID)

I have installed, but not yet tested the Sonar on my Arudcopter, so I don't have hard facts, but the Arducopter Wiki (on the Sonar page) says the following:
  • check the PID values through the CLI menu's "o" option. Good values if you are using standard ArduCopter hardware are P=0.8 I=0.3 D=0.7

I should have read the Sonar setup a bit closer - completely missed that bit.


Is sonar work with BPM together ? Or just choose one ?
choose one for now, it has not been implemented to use both yet (maybe it will be included in ACM)

Mine has just shipped so I plan to get it running this weekend. Really excited too!


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