ArduCopter Pan/Tilt System (Question..s?)

Alrighty, so Im looking at the Pan and Tilt system on the ArduCopter manual and it looks like I can program gps waypoints for APM to keep the camera pointed at that gps point? (Correct me if wrong)


Dose this system also act as a self stabilizing gimbal system, and if so will it keep the camera stable and pointed at a gps waypoint at the same time? (Like look at that car) while i fly around, maybe with dramatic movement and keep the camera stable at the same time...?


If you have experiance with this set up like in the manual please share =]

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  • I didn't see anything about keeping the camera pointed at a fixed point. Where are you reading this?

  • Which version board are you using?

    I have used the v1.4 boards on Hexa's and the 5&6 pin outs are auto stabilise for a roll/tilt gimbal, very easy and quick, already there, just set your travels and it works.

    Have not yet set it up on my 2.5 boards.

    The ROI function as part of your mission works well and keeps the pointed at a single defined point.

    Have not yet tried the heading value in the waypoint entries but they should be even more versatile.

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