Arducopter v2.5.x Random crash

Hey guys,


Unfortunately my problem persists... A while back I had a problem where my quad would be flying perfectly and then with out warning it would flip and plough into the ground. I got some great solutions from a few of you and tried them all.

I am now on whatever the latest code is (v2.5.[something]) and I have soldered all of my ESC-to-motor connections.

This morning I was flying nicely I was contesting with a mild wind and HORRIBLE PIDs. When suddenly it flipped AGAIN!! I thought that it was fixed as it has not flipped in over twenty flights but alas it has not. I did notice this time that I was not a very violent flip like with v2.4.1, it was slow and also I noticed that I did not has control, I tried to correct but nothing seemed to happen.


Please could someone drop some knowledge bombs! I'm not going to fly again until I have a new thing to try, I really am getting annoyed with buying new props EVERY WEEK!!!!!


Below is the video of the crash in v2.4.1:

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  • It's possible that the wobbliness (you mentioned poor PID) and the flip are actually caused by the recent problems uncovered relative to the APM2 Gyro calibration issue.  I would wait until 2.5.5 is released, and then try again.

    I say this because Wesley Chuen experienced an unexplained flip of a helicopter likely due to this issue.  Helicopters are aerodynamically stable, so they pretty much don't flip unless the APM makes them flip.

  • BUMP!!

    Please help guys, I can't fly until I solve this! I keep on breaking props and I want this to stop so that I can fly in peace 

  • one other way of checking would be too disconnect esc's and replace with servos with a long arms and you should be able to see what going on

  • Same also here. I fly couple of days ago. First flights were ok, as good as can be. Then in one flight copter suddenly without any warning flip to right and hit to ground. Fortunately we have here half a meter show, so no damages (except that everything was full of snow.)

    I have jDrones hexa with those bigger motors, escs and props. Arducopter was version 2.5.3

    It seems that there are several other cases in forum, for example

    2012-04-13 10-48 7.log

  • One thing ,it looked like you moved it during initializing and the crash seemed to happen about the time it takes mine to get a GPS lock . dont know if this may cause problems 

  • i have the same problem :( and it is very bad.
    my ESC connections are all soldered and everything is setup right.

    note that my OCTO is flying very very good. i had on it more than 170 minutes of flight time, until it decided to snap the first time on me "log file 65" i took it back home checked everything did a couple of flights and everything was "OK" until today i took it to the field did the first flight everything was smoooth and perfect, second flight new battery and everything on take off it snaps on me again it broke one engine mount since it landed on its back !! "log file 75" i have an on board video for the crash if anyone would like to see
    if someone can analyze the data and let me know what my problem is that would be great.
    thank you in advance,

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