Arduino - Mini Quadro Copter 180 Gramm

Here is me first flying Arduino - Mini Quadro Copter:- Take off weight 180 Gramm- Achsis center distance 155 mm- Propeller GWS 6x3 3-blade left/right- Motor Robbe Roxxy 1815-25- Controller Hype 6A in the arm (not modfied = PPM)- 2 cells LiPo 800mAh- Power consumption about 3.2 Ampere- Sum impuls modified RC receiver GWS R-4PII- ATMEGA168 in the "Arduino Mini"- 3 x ADXRS610 + 1 x ADXL322 in a 17 mm IMU cube- Software self made - source code about 3kByte- Closed loop frequence 50 Hz - currently only P - controllerVideo: Regards from GermanyTumba




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  • Great Work

    Would you mind putting your source code on the web. I'm working on a similar project and it would really help me further (especially the part with the gyro sensors)
  • Congrats! Your vehicle looks wonderful!

    What was your method of attitude estimation? I'm currently doing research on using the QUEST algorithm from NASA, but it is far too slow for the ATMEGA128 I have it running on.

    What were the motor controllers? When I google "Hype 6A" I don't get any relevant information.
  • Very nice looking!

    How are those props working out for you? From what I've read in the past those 3-blade ones can be rather flimsy
  • nice, congratulationss
  • 3D Robotics
    Very nice! The airframe is beautiful--how did you make it?
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