Well,After 30 days of trial, error, testing, re-testing, coding, testing, flight testing, failure, more flight testing, more code changes I finally had my 1st full 3 - Waypoint Flight Test Success today.Jordi, I modified radius to 60 - It turned really tight almost to full 90 degrees, it starts doing left turns and right turns as it seeked forward to each waypoint. Took an extremely long time as it swerved back and forth left to right over and over again as it went from waypoint 1 to waypoint 2. At waypoint 2, it did left and right swerves, kept going back to waypoint 2 a few times, then it must have said Success, as it turned 180 degrees and went for waypoint 3. Once over waypoint 3 it did what looked to be seeking figure 8s constantly flying back to waypoint 3. I watched this for 15 minutes, it was surreal.I then took over, landed, adjusted the radius to 150 and re-flew it. Less tight turns, and went to each waypoint slightly better - but still swerving a lot. Any idea what I need to adjust, remember I am using your i can fly code. So is the turn gain to high ?? What do i need to do to make it fly straight routes to waypoint instead of the left/right swerving. Any help tuning this as always would help me tremendously.But overall, 2 full flights with 3 waypoints. I am super excited, the system is getting tuned better and better every day. I am certain I will work through these remaining tweaks with Jordi and get this baby locked in.Also telemetry worked like a charm, I can even open hyperterminal and watch the ardupilot as it navigates via the terminal. Its sweet....Not to mention the groundstation and google earth make verifying the waypoint success a breeze.Thanks Jordi, and any ideas on the above tuning would be much appreciated...!!!-Peter

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  • Good for you Peter....
    I haven't had a good flight yet but I did have one where under way-point test the Easy Star was oscillating wing tips ( dipping each wing back and forth )....Like it couldn'nt make up it's mind which way to go go ....Is that what you mean by swerving left and right .... I was afraid to let it got to far as my eye sight at 73 is not the best so I switched back to manual ... Would you recommend I try Jordi's " I_ CAN_FLY Code "
    Tnx and keep trying ....You may help us all .....

    Take Care De VO1ET Jerry
  • Hi Peter!!!

    Did you change the code only to customize your flight or the code has some problems?!

  • Congrats! It's great to hear hear more and more people getting their Ardupilots in the air.
    I *think* you can fix the oscillations by editing the easystar.h file and lowering the heading gains.
    Fine #define head_P .7 and reduce it to something like .5
    I'm not 100% sure though so it might be best to wait for Jordi's input.
  • Congratulations!!!!! So you are not using the posted 2.2.3 code? Hopefully Jordi will update the "official" code with this one. You've inspired me to get my plane back up in the air and start playing with Ardupilot again.
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