I am new to the compass setup, have done several searches and all I come up with is compass / arducopter info.
I have enabled the compass but that is it...
Can anyone point me to any information about proper setup and or calibration procedures pertaining to the HMC5843 Compass?

Thanks guys/gals!

Brett Horton

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See my comment below (previous version was truncated)

Yes many times, with good results...

Have not set the declination as I have not seen a good explanation of how to do it correctly.

Our issue seems to be deviation not declination? On the east side of the compass, the swing to a specific heading lags, on the west side of the compass, it overshoots badly, pointing the nose of the A/V from north to west, the compass swings almost 180 degrees
You have have seen the "declination" command in the CLI setup menu. I've updated the manual to show better how to use it.
K, got the declination in, but ALL references to offsets, utilize the arducopter software to correct the offsets. When I test using the cli and compass, my offsets do move around quite a bit.

Arduplane 2.28 - I recognize all the symptoms you have, as my own problems.

have fun with the log: it even flies backwards..  http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/issues/detail?id=537&q=...

So - did you find a solution ?


     I've updated that issue you've linked above with some details on what to do.  Also the mag wiki where you commented as well :-).

thank you - do you have any other ideas ? - long into the values are not 0 anymore, but how can I know if/when the auto-tuning works ?

may it be that it tunes *very* slowly ?

The only way I know they're done is when the values stop changing much.  When they're still down in the low single digits (like -1 or 3) it's definitely not done yet.  It's got a long way to go.  Best to try waving it around in your hand while looking at that status tab.  By waving it around you can get them to change a lot more quicklky.


There's really nothing better about changing them very slowly I think.


-So no GPS for "learning" needed - it does not learn from proper GPS heading - vs compass indication (once I believed I needed to fly a lot in big circles or at steep angles/turns for it to "learn")

- I'll do so lots of "waving" - in all directions, at all angles, 

- I guess the values can be saved and re-used after a firmware upgrade.(?)

Tridge modified the parameters code so that the mag offsets can be manually overwritten from the mission planner.  This new feature is only in trunk but it will be released and available via the mission planner once we push out another arduplane release.  I'm not sure exactly when that will be for arduplane (Arducopter should be released in about a week or so if all goes well)...I'd guess within a month but not really sure really!

"... so that this can be done now..."   is it the "save/restore" you are commenting on or other part. ?

BTW: how many minutes of "waving" the plane should I expect ? - (- just to avoid looking like an idiot any longer than necessary)  :)   

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