• Can anyone verify that pin 3 is the airsensor on the v2 of the shield (blue board)

    my em406a wont get a lock using the v2 board with the airsensor (running v2.7 code)

    but if i set to no shield and no airsensor and remove it i do

     Also there a a way to set a starting value for airspeed as it just maxes out at 120mph (tried .2 and less)

     Also need a starting value for battery voltage other than 1024 if thats possible to show some battery readings without the voltage sensor?

    Code in question:

    //#define BATTERY_VOLTAGE(x) (x*(INPUT_VOLTAGE/1024.0))/0.000294117

    #define BATTERY_VOLTAGE(x) (x*(INPUT_VOLTAGE/1024.0))/0.2941176470588

    #define AIRSPEED_PIN 3  // Need to correct value

    #define BATTERY_PIN 5  // Need to correct value

  • Can I get the eagle files for this. I've asked a few times in a couple of different places ... Is there any issue in posting the eagle schematic and layout? How about the footprint for the pressure sensor?
  • hi All,

    I am just clicking together my first order @ the DIYdrones store, planning to build my firest Ardupilot on EZ* platform.
    Ive read lots op post here on the forum and RCG as wel, so I am fully confidiend in getting it up&flying in no-time, also with al the good support you guys all bring into the community!

    My question is: planning to order the V2 shield ( is this board INCLUDING the pressure sensor?

    Thx for your advise!
  • The schematics and board-layout are available now :) Assembled the board without remaining questions, and ready to give it a new home in a Twinstar :)

    Some quick links:
  • And will there be an update to the manual -
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