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Rik Vlaming replied to Richard Green's discussion Printing Ardupilot Sketch Files
"The Arduino IDE is pretty poor regarding this. Try getting Textpad. In the options you can set to show .pde files as C-files, which in turn enables nice syntax highlighting. Also printing goes well. If I'm able to find the right commandline options…"
Dec 2, 2009
Rik Vlaming replied to Rik Vlaming's discussion Ardupilot Shield V2 schematics?
"The schematics and board-layout are available now :) Assembled the board without remaining questions, and ready to give it a new home in a Twinstar :)

Some quick links:
Oct 25, 2009
Rik Vlaming posted a discussion
Hey all,just received the new Ardupilot Shield V2. Just looked around a bit on the site and didn't find any schematic of it. Will this become available soon?Ciao,Rik
Oct 21, 2009