I have a small problem with the ArduPilot when I put it in both FLY_BY_WIRE_A and FLY_BY_WIRE_B,  the rudder goes almost full to the left, not all the way but say 80%.


The rudder still works both ways, and everything else works fine in both the FLY_BY_WIRE modes. But the rudder problem isn't something I want to fly with.


I suspect it's something in the code.

I have run the «RC Input» and «Servo Output» debug modes, and set the minimum and maximum values I got in the ArduPilot config file.

That didn't help and not knowing enough about Arduino, I don't know what too do next.


Has somebody experienced the same problem and know how to fix it?


(I use the ArduPilot 2.7.1 code.) 

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How do the other modes work? What happens when it's set to Stabilize and you engage the autopilot?

I had a similar problem with my elevator, but it turned out that my tweeks made for my old radio setup did not work with my new radio. I reset to default settings and started over. Now all working great.

Do you have anything defined for this setting?

#define ROLL_TRIM (inside AP_Config.h tab)

Thanks for your replay Brian.

The other modes work in a similar way.

But I found out that the problem was in the #define ENABLE_Z_SENSOR.
I use the IMU, but the code thought I used a Z sensor and therefore it didn't calibrate on start-up.
I probably had my board a bit tilted when I calibrated for the first time, and after that it stuck with this calibration.

But now I got a different problem, when I turn on the MUX the throttle is set on full power, in every mode.
Well, I guess I have to use the evening to figure that out.

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