ArduPlane 2.61 released

I've just released ArduPlane 2.61, which has a lot of small bug fixes from 2.60.

Changes since the 2.60 release include:

  • fixed wheeled takeoff to work with the APM_CONTROL controllers
  • support setting the plane into MANUAL or FBWA via MAVLink
  • added XTRK_USE_WIND parameter. When set to true (which is the default) the wind estimate from AHRS is used in the navigation code to help with navigation crosstrack
  • added support for using the airspeed estimate from wind + groundspeed when no airspeed sensor is installed to do surface speed scaling
  • added reporting of estimated airspeed over MAVLink if a real airspeed sensor is not available
  • fixed a bug with the throttle suppression code that prevents takeoff in auto when near home. The suppression code could get a false positive if a large gust of wind hit. We now no longer use airspeed for throttle suppression decisions
  • removed the reset_I() calls and instead auto-reset integrators in the PID library if the PID has not be used for 1 second
  • fixed a bug with DO_JUMP mission elements introduced in the last release
  • added ALT_CTRL_ALG option. When enabled, this allows you to select the non-airspeed altitude control code with airspeed enabled. This makes it possible to use airspeed for speed scaling and wind estimation, but use the non-airspeed control for throttle and pitch
  • improvements to the APM_OBC failsafe module
  • added new TELEM_DELAY option to delay telemetry on startup to prevent Xbee bricking
  • fix for HIL simulation in ATTITUDE mode
  • changed FBWA to obey both lower and upper pitch limits
  • added magnetometer accumulation in main loop. This gives us much better mag averaging, reducing compass noise a lot
  • added XTRK_MIN_DIST option, allowing a minimum waypoint distance for crosstrack navigation.
  • added support for the DO_SET_SERVO MAVLink command
  • added RUDDER_STEER option. When enabled, only rudder will be used for steering on takeoff and landing
  • fixed mount control code to allow multiple channels to be set to the same function. In particular this fixes having multiple manual output channels.
  • fixed throttle nudging to not depend on the RC3_TRIM value
  • added THROTTLE_NUDGE option for enabling/disabling throttle nuding

Happy flying!

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  • I have not been able to get APM 2 to connect via USB after loading the sim version of 2.62.  I then tried loading the real flight version of 2.62 and was able to get APM2 to connect via USB.  After doing an erase and reset, I loaded the sim version again and still can't get it to connect.  Using MP 1.2.11.  Screen shot of error message below.



  • 2.6.2 no connect (or slowly ) to mission planner if

    -no gps module connected

    -sim edition flashed


    option conect to MP succesful without any gps module
  • Hi Andrew,

    Let me ask. How can i get real heading trough MAVlink?

    Like if i use magnetometer My osd shows a "compass", but i would like to use real heading also.

    Could it be "mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_cog"?

    Thank you,


  • Hi!

    KML overlay does not work for me, how to use it?



  • Great improvements. Would be helpful if one relay, and relay of the screen can be connected to something visible shoulder in the log file when it turned to be able to assign GPS coordinates.
    Someone could help me in this?
    Thank you.

  • Hey Everyone

    Just want to confirm problem with elevon mixing option as was suggested above. For me it isn't working at all. Only reloading previous release solve the problem.

  • Hello,

    I have updated my arduplane to 2.6.1 on APM1 1.4 and my servos and motor is not responding when I move my remotes stick around. The movements of the sticks does reflect on the mision planners radio calibration but that is as far as it goes. It used to move about 4 days ago but now nothing.




  • Hi Andrew,

    Could you please check on this?

    When airspeed grows, it has an effect on my horizon.

    Here is a video:

  • I just uploaded v2.61 to my APM1 and for some reason it cant see the gps. the RED(c) light on the APM1 doesnt flash or go solid or anything. only the yellow light is on solid. The blue light on the gps itself goes solid to show it has a lock.

    Also in the terminal, when it says hit enter 3 times I do so but random text just fills the page. I cant use it to run GPS test.

    I havnt used my APM1 since v2.4 and quite a lot has changed, big up on that BTW!!! I might just be missing something silly.

  • You should add the new parameters XTRK_MIN_DIST and maybe XTRK_USE_WIND to the ArduPlane PIDs tab in the mission planner. That would make it much more convenient and there is just the right amount of room in that box for 2 more parameters.

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