ArduPlane 2.65 released

I've just released ArduPlane 2.65

This is what is known in the free software community as a "brown paper bag" release, because the developer (that's me) thinks he should hide his head in a brown paper bag out of sheer embarrassment.

Steven G noticed that my fix for stick mixing in CIRCLE mode in 2.64 broke STABILISE mode. When I test flew 2.64 I tested FBWA, but not STABILISE mode!

So the only change in 2.65 is to fix that. My apologies for the 2.64 release!

Cheers, Tridge

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  • Direct fly and direct auto landing windly weather  (wind up to 12m/c)

    plane cruise airspeed is 14 m/s

    gps 3339 globltop pa6c module about this module


    1st point 100m attitude

    2nd point one circle around it 40m altitude

    then going to landing


    direct auto landing runway width ~5m



    Globaltop PA6C Gps module

    • based on new mediatek 3339  chipset
    • Real sattelite fix time 5-7s (in home too) before ardupilot is calibrated -module always get lock
    • high accuracy
    • pin-compatible with APM2.0  & PA6B (previous 3329 chipset) adapter
  • Moderator

    Just had some success with 2.65 on my new Finwing Penguin.  Unlike the Skywalker the Penguin uses alot more throws on the control surfaces, which made it somewhat easier to tune.

    Stabilise mode worked well, and FBW-A worked well.  The only issues was that at full forward stick the aircraft was very very slow to nose down, and full back stick it was slow at nose up.  I've increased the max pitch down to -35 and pitch up to +25 hoping that this will help.

    The only other issue I had was with the voltage and amp meter.  Its reporting abut 7V and 255A no matter what.  I'm using a Attopilot 180A sensor and I choose that in the APM mission planner.  Disconnecting the sensor cable from the APM causes the V to rise with no change to the Amps.

    param file attached, after flying the penguin, I am confident that it will become the FPV plane of choice.  All the benefits of the skywalker, but none of the bad flight characteristics.

  • I am looking at modifying the Arduplane code so I can get it to accept a RSSI voltage on Analog Input 8.  Here is what I need to add to the code in APM_config.h file:



    I have played around with Arduino IDE a bit.  I am able to load the Arduplane 2.65, but I am have difficulty with the rest.

    1. Where do I add the above code?

    2. Once I add the code how do I compile it?

    3. Once it is complied where is the file (HEX) that I can add to Mission Planner?

    Can someone help me on this matter?  Further why in the Wiki does it show Analog 8 being RSSI input, but I am required to add these lines to the code to get this to work with the new AdruCam?  Is there plans in future releases to include these lines for RSSI to work with Arducam?

    Cheers, Todd

  • Ok, I have a definite issue here. I connect to the mission player and the plane's position is not displayed at all. The MP correctly shows that I have a 3D GPS lock, but it seems the data doesn't get passed on to the MP. The position data does not appear in the t-logs either. 

    This problem is absent when I load ArduPlane 2.5 on the same setup...

    APM 1 2560

    RFD900 modems

    Ublox gps

  • hi all,

    2 developers

    new gps libraries works excelent it detect most types of gps

    but if module has factory setting 9600 code no change this baud and as result low update rate 1hz only available with 9600 baud

    I propose to add two parameters configurable from MP
    1. gps_default_speed  (gps factory setting as example 9600)
    2. gps_custominitstring (as example $PMTK251,38400*27 for change mediatek baud rate to 38400)
    if gps_custominitstring is not empty
    before autodetect routine - gps port open at gps_default_speed, send  gps_custominitstring 


  • Great job on v2.65 Andrew, thanks for all your hard work.

    I’m using the v2.65 firmware and the MinimOSD.
    While flying the OSD was displaying GPS lock on 7 sats and the LAT & LON GPS coordinates then
    when I looked at the on-board logs, I noticed that all the GPS coordinates were all 0.0000000
    Has anyone else noticed this issue?

  • Hello everyone, today tried to auto 2.65.
    Firmware excellent! aircraft ever to stick to the route despite the strong wind comparable to the speed of the aircraft.
    Sometimes it was directed almost perpendicular to the route

    But if applied airspid_use=1  the plane decrease altitude very bad. This is especially important when it lands.
    I set the landing point on the four-meter, but the plane was 15 meters above.

    Then I applied the patch and repeated the experiment, the plane was at the correct altitude and successfully landed

    patсh here:

  • Hi,

    I have a question about Auto Declination function.

    It worked in previous versions but 2.65.

    I am still not sure, because i am able to set it. It is on the parameters list.

    But when i set it under Hardware options in MP than it gives me a message that says "Not Available on ArduPlane".

    My question is; Is it a bug in MP or is it really disabled in 2.65?



  • Hi Andrew,

    Can you help me a bit on vertical wind estimation?

    I had strange readings. It seams that there is a close connection between climb, descend and vertical wind.

    Wind panel is on the middle right section. It shows horizontal wind speed on the top and vertical below.



  • Hi, i have an issue about maintaining minimum altitude during RTL/failsafe trigger.

    for example , during RTL, can i set RTL maintain current altitude if altitude more than 100meters? if RTL below 100meters, the plane will climb 100meters then RTL.

    is there any parameters can match my needs.

    sorry my bad english, hope understand my issue.

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