I have flashed my APM 2.5 with Arduplane 2.70 using Mission Planner.  I want to fly this with fixed wing conventional configuration ( Aileron, Elevator, Throttle and Rudder). I have been reading Arduplane wiki and I have following doubts

1. On Switching on, after calibration APM 2.5 shows Armed Mode, even without any stick movement from receiver. I am using 6 Ch receiver. First four channels are connected to four inputs. Input 5-7 are left open and Input 8 is connected is Ch 5 (Which is acting as three position switch).  Is Arming of APM 2.5 normal upon startup?. I have used this hardware to fly Quad rotor and it requires arming after power up.

2. Upon GPS Lock Altitude increases from 0 to 168 meter. That means it is using GPS altitude for correction. Again is this normal behaviour?

3. On tuning Arduplane, https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Tuning.  Some of PID loops are not clear to me. Can someone tell me what are Nav_Pitch_AS_Pid, Nav_Pitch_Alt_Pid, Energy/Alt Pid, Other_mix's, 

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I can only just help out.

Arduplane does not require arming, just make sure you always have your throttle low and TX switched on before APM power up.

It may depend on which GPS you have but altitude is derived from GPS only as far as I can tell now.

The 3rd question I cannot help with.

Would also recommend always using an airspeed sensor for any auto modes.

Thanks Lloyd. So far I have used only quad rotor and in Arducopter code altitude is derived from barometer, so i thought its same here. Thanks for clarifications. Yes I am using airspeed sensor.

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