I have set up an Anaconda platform with PX4 running latest arduplane 3.4.0 and everything looks to be working just fine except one annoying thing:

When in Stabilize, all surfaces works and response correctly except one Vtail surface which barely moves.
when in manual mode all surfaces moves as requested.

Ch1- Thro

Ch2- Aile1

Ch3- Rudd

Ch4- ELE


VTAIL_OUTPUT = 0, as i mix in my radio.

I have fiddled with every possible parameter value, PID's, reverses, trims, you name it - nothing fixes this odd behavior.  looking at MP status screen i see that Ch3out  (Half of my Vtail) value (when in Stabilize mode) is not changing when i'm pitching the model up/down during preflight checks.

What am I missing here?



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You are using the old, deprecated way of mixing in radio, whereAP must decode it first, and any setup mistake in min/max/trim gives results like this

Thank you Andre.

Following your advice i have disabled Vtail mixing in my radio, and enabled in AP.

All seems to be working fine now, still some more tests are called for.
I was flying with APM2+ for many years and can't recall such issues up until i switched to PX4.

have a nice week and happy landings.

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