Hi All,

I am struggling to find any concise information on ArduStation, but bits and pieces I can find suggest it is a pretty handy bit of kit that I might consider exploring...

My main intent it to create a SIMPLE antenna tracker. Simple because it interfaces with Mission Planner and requires minimal assembly.

  1. Can the ArduStation code be uploaded to a spare APM2.5, or does it have to be the £40 thing from BYOD?
  2. Where does ArduStation get it's GPS location from to work out the pan & tilt angle to the aircraft?
  3. If ArduStation is connected to Mission Planner (lets say via ZigBee) then how does the aircraft connect to the ground? I can't decide from the documentation that I have found whether it is through the same link somehow, or, if there is a separate antenna (lets say 3DR) which is being moved by the ArduStation pan/tilt then connected to a second port on my laptop (& therefore Mission Planner).

Cheers in advance troops, keep up the good work.


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I have both the ArduStation and the ArduStation Mega (ASM) and I find the ASM to be superior to the ArduStation. The ASM has its own uBlox GPS and works with the 3DR telemetry radios.

Also, this link might help you with the ArduStation antenna tracker: Tracker and here: Heino



This is really interesting thank you.

Still have a question that I can't find any reference to:

If the ArduStation is connected to the aircraft then how can Mission Planner on my laptop (APM doesn't support multiple connections), or is the whole point to completely replace my laptop? I am only interested, really, in the antenna tracking functionality.



ardutracker is getting some very welcome updates , looks like it will now be a full imu including the use of the compass & GPS so no more facing north every time you setup, in MP if you hit ctrl + f and hit mavlink you can spew mavlink data down any port so im going to assume when they finish the update one will be able to use the same radio connected to the pc for the planner then just "pass" on the mavlink data to the tracker.

Ah this is excellent news. sounds very exciting. how far along is the project? anywhere nearing completion?

was reading the code afew nights ago it looks like alot has been done and it seems like its in a testable condition and supports hal boards , i was going to add my multiwiipro and give it a try this weekend.

will report back.

Here is an option that looks promising. https://soloshot.com/

Mount an antenna above the camera and not only track your drone but film it also. Only limit is 2000 ft range, but when you fly back in, it will recapture the signal.



what pitty that diydrone doesn t sell something rtr...antenna tracker is a premium option for arducopter and there are only few info available

I can't find Ardustation in 3DR store. Did this product discontinue production?

Now understudy to make Anteanna tracker..

I'm having trouble finding an ArduStation in stock or anything on a similar price point. Can anyone help?

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