This release is  for Mavlink changes in ACM 2.9.1. The message location of the number of GPS satellites has been changed for ACM. Ardustation II 2.0.16 will display 0 GPS satellites with 2.9.1. 

I've also added an additional antenna range/bearing as suggested by James Masterman. He reported antenna pointing issues at long ranges at his location in Australia. This algorithm seemed to fix his problem.  I've tested both algorithms using a simulation and the results seem to be very close. I've left the default algorithm originally provided by 3DR but you can select the alternate algorithm by pressing the center button on the pad while on the antenna range/bearing display. The display will show ALG 1 for the new algorithm and ALG 0 for the old. 

I've tested the software with my quad on ACM 2.9.1 and an APM 2.5. I have not tested this software with Arduplane 2.7, but I expect it to still work and appreciate any reports of problems by users.  

The software is available at the usual spot:

Please be sure to download the zip file to a empty folder and to  only use the library folder contained in the distribution. Do not merge this library folder with either the ACM or APM library folders. This software should be compiled with Arduino 1.0.3 or Arduino 1.0.1.  Do not use the earlier versions as indicated in the Ardustation wiki. 

Please let me know if you have any issues with this release.

Heino R. Pull


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  • Nice work Heino. I have moved to the RFD900 radio setup so have had to move to mission planner tracking functionality.


    It's not bad although I did like the extra functionality from ardustation like being able to see satellite status, battery voltage etc at a glance on the screen.

  • Hi Heino, I appreciated the work that you have put into Ardustation-ii.

    I have been using Arduino on off , but it seems like things change every time I take a break from it.

    I've never encountered this much trouble with compilers before APM Arduino.

    I just got the latest arduplane-Arduino compiler 1.0.3 to compile APM 2.70, recently, but I am having difficulty compiling the Ardustation_ii.

    I usually end up deleting everything that may interfere and the I have to try all possible combinations for locating the files & libraries until it works.

    Arduino is simple, but only when it works.

    I have my compiler located in  C:\ArduPilot-Arduino-1.0.3-windows

    The Ardustation2 sketch folder is located in D:\Users\Chris7\Documents\Arduino\

    I have tried all three hal_board choices in the drop down menu, and I have tried just about every location possible for locating the libraries, including copies of the same libraries in multiple locations.

    I have also tried selecting atmega 1280 board in stead of the uno.

    The errors that Arduino report indicate that none of the sketch components are being declared.

    I going to erase all traces of anything arduino,[except the downloaded archives], make a fresh cup of tea, and try again from scratch.

    I guess that I need to know if I'm using the exact correct version compiler, exactly where the libraries want to be located, and which of the three HAL_BOARD choices do I select. I'm sure I've missed a question, but I'll find that out later.



  • Hi Heino,

    Thank you for your quick answer, I wasn't expect such a quick one due to my last call for this problem on another thread "few" monhts ago.

    Couldn't be easer for all of us if someone put a line of code to correct directly the travel of the servo or a menu like on the Eagletree Eagleeye sistem where you just point the 4 geographic points and the system can calculate the rest, eventually you point the the maximum travel of the servo.Also I would attach a magnetometer that could handle a startup without any prior accommodation of the system.   

    I know that is hard with the free time to work on this but my gratitude and other people gratitude would be priceless.

    I think that this hardware is minimal used for the big potential that can have.

    Best regads


  • Hi
    When I use "Antenna test " from ardustation on PAN settings from 90 to 95 my 360deg winch servo goes 90deg - how can I correct that / where in the code.
    Thanks for you time 

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