Hey guys,

When I activate the Alt hold mode, I´m unable to raise my quad.

In AH mode, throttle stick position is used as a baseline for altitude maintenance. This means, that altitude can still be manually changed by raising or lowering the throttle control beyond a large central dead band (copied from the wiki)

Actually, I can descend by lowering the throttle, but not ascend. When I raise the throttle, motors spin always the same as they did when AH mode was activated.

Context AC V2.8.1, APM2.5



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How much are you pushing the throttle? You need to push it pretty far to make the change. It's really important to return the throttle back to where you started the ALT HOLD. I can't help stree how important this is. If you fail to return the throttle, your Quad will either fall like a rock or take off like a rocket.

Hallo Richard, thanks for your reply.

Yes, you are right: one must be careful when releasing the AH mode, but that is not the problem, I have it mastered.:-)

I raise the throttle fully, but there is no motor response: quad remains level at the altitude it was when I activated the AH mode. However, the quad responds, descending, when I release the throttle fully.

Any ideas?

Do you have full rates selected?

Or have you limited throttle travel to below 100% somehow (EPA or similar)?

Hallo Mike, thanks,

Yes, you are right. There are so many things, that I didn't think about the End Limits of my Tx.

That was the problem. Excuse me, was silly...



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