Today I had a major crash with a DJI S1000 with Pixhawk controller. The power module was an attopilot 180A. I was flying at about 30m when motors suddenly stop and when I get to the crash site (after recovering my self) I found the Attopilot completely burned. I've been flying with this configuration for about 3 month with no problem, so i don't know what could have happened... Has someone had similar issues, or have any clues on what could have happened?


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I've read about this happening to others.  I have an s1000 that came with a burned out 90A 5v Attopilot installed.  I almost replaced with one of the same, but then I realized it and now have on order a 180A 5v Attopilot chip on order..  Reading this, and combined with the other posts I saw in another forum where users had Attopilot 180A 5v Attopilots burning out, I am now wondering what is an alternative to using the Attopilot.  I am far from convinced it does the job under load.  Can anyone tell me an alternative?

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