Please help:Auto mode fails to fly to next WP (screenshots attached)

Please see the strange behavior as the plane goes away from the next waypoint, instead if trying to reach it . (the wind may cause it to turn extra fast, but the PID's are fine enough for a reliable RTL from any direction)

What's wrong ?

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Hi Soren,

This is Zafer. You asked Andre for the files but I thought I have the same problem and attached some pictures and log files I recorded. I hope I do not disturb you.

“Pictures” looks a bit complicated but number 04 and 14 are describing the situation well. It was my second APM 2.0 and I had the same problems with the first one.  I use Arduplane V2.72.

Best Regards,



"Access Denied"...

Hi Soren. I reload the zip file. In case it says “access denied” again, I also uploaded the file in the following link. The file name is APM.rar.

Best Regards,




Still Access Denied.

Anyway, somebody to find errors in software has only very specific things (the code) to look at and he needs very specific input such as:

  • Hardware and software versions
  • Descriptions of the UAV setup, the ground station and the link

  • Mission plan file

  • Log files

  • What did you expect to happen (othen the error is in the user's expectation)

  • What happened

OK it seems you found out :)

See the 2.7.3 release notes. They corrected a flyaway bug in that one.



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