Auto-TakeOff / Launch to pre-config Altitude, control handback to Pilot - mode (eg like DJI Ph)

Hi All,
  Does Copt  3.3.3 support this feature/function/mode  (which I believe is possible with DJI Ph) -

Pilot set the correct mode/params -

The pilot now initiate Auto-take-off / Launch  (via his tx cmd)

The vehicle launch and auto-take-off to a set height of eg 5m.

At reaching the required Alt, it will enter eg 'Pos-Hold' mode, with the Pilot now taking control. 

(Mode/Alt pre-config via MP by Pilot)

If possible, how would one do that with Copt 3.3.3 without doing it in a Auto-Mission fashion.

 Is there a special mode for this feature?

If already covered somewhere in the forums,  please kindly point me in the direction.

Thank you for your advice on this matter.

I posted this in ArduPilot previously, with little response.

 Does this mean this 'mode' cannot be implemented, or is it that it is so very

 basic that nobody wants to comments, am I missing something in

reading as to what I want to achieve?

I really just want to know whether it is possible, and then if, 'how-to' ?

I am also posting this in ArduCopt 3.4


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Yes, it can do that, and much more than the toys you mention.

Hi, thanks for your interesting and valuable reply.

I had a look-read at copter prior to posting here.  I am still unsure and could not find the topic page of how to implement such a feature, hence the topic query within this friendly supporting community.

I conclude that you are an experienced and knowledgeable person with Copter.

So I am glad that you have taken the time to reply.  Maybe you could at least give

me some pointers on how to implement this basic feature or point me to some pages

where this feature or method  is described instead of just referring me to the copter manual.

Thank you.

Person is asking if you can put the takeoff command on a switch without planning a mission, which you cannot.  Takeoff is only available through the mission planner.

You can probably plan a mission with only the takeoff set up, then arm, select auto mode, and it should just go to your selected altitude and hover.

Thank you Jason,

 you understand my topic query spot-on.

 Having read the the appropriate pages in the manual,

 I came to the same conclusion that at this time the feature

cannot be implemented the way I think it could work.

It seems AndreK knows how to implement this. I hope he is prepared to

share his knowledge on this topic with the diy community.



I guess that may be a method indeed.

 btw, from my understanding, one can only load one Auto Mission profile to pixhawk?

If this the case, each time I do load a proper mission and I want to revert back

to your mentioned method, I will have to re-load the particular mission?

someone else comment in ArduPilot -

'You can send takeoff cmd with desired alt in GUIDED, POSHOLD and LOITER'

   the person didn't elaborate, so I assume he refers to MP takeoff cmd.

That may be something for the future, it's all software so it would just take someone that knew how to write the code, if someone hasn't already.  I'd like to see that implemented, you could have it on a switch, or it could be as part of a mission where the copter goes to the altitude and holds in loiter until you put it in auto mode.  That would be useful if you plan a mission but want to quickly check your reception in a particular area before you fly the complete route.

Hi yes,

 I was thinking that the feature could be an additional 'mode' option -

Operation for example could be in broader term outline -

1)  'Auto-Launch' (AL) mode can be selected via a Switch on the Pilot's Tx

2) As per normal proc, the Pilot now select on the Tx the flight-mode which the craft must enter into once the Alt has been reached. (Alt configured in MP)

3) On Arm & Thr-Up it will execute the 'AL' Mode and 'hand-over' control to the Pilot (now as per the Pilots Flight mode selection eg Loiter) once Alt has been reach.  ( For safety the AL mode only executable if the pilot select a gps mode eg PosHold or Loiter. )

4) The Pilot continues with flying as per normal.

Well, anyway, I think you get my drift on this option which I think can be very usefull.

I hope one of the Devs could look into this AL-mode application development.

Anyway enough of my day-dreaming :)

 Thanks for sharing your interest in this topic


Maybe I missunderstand your quesition, but you know the PILOT_TKOFF_ALT parameter?

"vehicle climbs automatically to PILOT_TKOFF_ALT alt when taking off in Loiter, AltHold, PosHold, Sport (disabled by default, pilot's throttle input overrides takeoff)" from the changelog of Copter 3.3

Isn't that more or less what you are looking for?

Hi Stefan,

 Thanks for your input.

  At this time I was not aware of this option.

   I assume you are referring to Copter 3.3.3?

If I understand the option, in practice-

1) Set the PILOT_TKOFF_ALT  (MP)

2)  Pilot set the required mode ( eg Loiter, AltHold, PosHold ) via Tx

3)  Press the Arm Switch on the PixHawk

4)   Arm the Vehicle with Tx

5)    On Thr-Up, the vehicle will do a Auto-Takeoff to PILOT_TKOFF_ALT 

6)   Releasing control to the Pilot in the mode which the Pilot selected with his Tx.

7)  Pilot continues the flight

If this is the case, then this feature is indeed what I wanted.

I will test this option  and give feedback here.


Mission planner: { [CTRL] [F] quad: arm and takeoff } Question

I found by accident this command in mission planner:"quad: arm and takeoff"

Mission planner version 1.3.38 build 1.1.5983.12141
Calling the sub menu by pressing [CTRL] [F} from the laptop

This works without *any Transmitter on" Just from ground control laptop and telemetry with the aircraft Pixhawk/Pixraptor.

There is now 27th June 2016 a command in mission planner which seems to do arming the aircraft and take off.
I can't get any details of what exactly it is doing. Ichecked the "arming" part of the command and this effectively

Without any detailsof what will happens after takeoff, I didn't check the "take off" portion.

I would recommend using the Tower app on a device attached to your transmitter. (similar to dji app) Using telemetry connection and Tower, you can use on screen buttons to arm and takeoff to a set altitude. Switching the mode on transmitter will regain control.

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